• The lack of supporting testimony -- and the existence of contrary testimony -- will be a hard blow to England's attempted defense.

    CNN: Carter: The 'I followed orders' defense

  • Italian Interior Minister Giuseppe Pisanu said the raids had dealt "a hard blow to the most powerful and ruthless Italian criminal organisation, " French news agency AFP reported.

    BBC: NEWS | Europe | Major drugs haul in Italian port

  • Indeed, for them, the report is a hard blow.

    ECONOMIST: Chile's armed forces

  • The jail sentence dealt Mr Anwar's political career a particularly hard blow, since it prevents him from holding office for five years after his release.

    ECONOMIST: The verdict on Malaysia | The

  • U.S. allies in the region already "struggle with their populations' perceptions that they are merely instruments of the U.S. government and do not have their citizens' best interests at heart, " and releasing the images "would likely deal a particularly hard blow" to American efforts in those countries, he stated.

    CNN: Petraeus says releasing detainee photos would be risky

  • But it would be a blow to the hard-core European supporters who descend in droves on circuits like Monte Carlo throughout the season.

    ECONOMIST: The formula that drives Formula One

  • After a hard day's work, many Sydney locals blow off steam at pub trivia, a popular group activity where the prizes can be substantial.

    BBC: Trivia pays big in Sydney��s pubs

  • The Mediterranean has suffered a triple blow: low-tech industries hit hard by globalisation, cost competition from ex-communist members of the EU and the loss of their habitual escape valves of inflation and devaluation.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • This blow comes hard on the heels of a decision by the Labour Party to drop legal efforts to oust Pat Lally from his job as Lord Provost (Lord Mayor) of Glasgow council, and end action against other council members who were accused by an internal Labour inquiry of abusing their positions.

    ECONOMIST: Scottish Labour Party

  • One great band-aid rarely explored by North American carriers is the concept of bandwidth throttling, whereby you don't have a hard cap that results in overage -- instead, you just get slapped with a lower data throughput if you blow past your quota.

    ENGADGET: Cricket's new tiered data plans seem like a model for the industry to us

  • It is also a blow to the Women's Tennis Association, which has worked hard to introduce incentives and regulations to reduce the number of withdrawals from its events.


  • "Losing Amjad for 2007 is a significant blow for the county but we must now focus our attention on working hard with Amjad on his rehabilitation so that he can return to full form and fitness as soon as possible, " chief executive Paul Millman said.

    BBC: SPORT | Cricket | Counties | Kent | Kent paceman set for long absence

  • However, the early goal was a huge blow to what is clearly still a side with brittle confidence and whilst they battled hard they never recovered from falling behind.

    BBC: Sunderland 4-0 Bolton

  • The auto industry has fought hard to curb an increase in fuel economy standards, and the Senate bill is considered a blow to automakers.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • It is hard to imagine that McChrystal's decision to open his doors to Rolling Stone was a calculated move to blow the lid off of the mirage of strategic competence surrounding the "good war" in Afghanistan.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: The western way of war

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