• Its growth has been slowing for some time because of the ageing population.

    ECONOMIST: Troubling trends behind the falling unemployment rate

  • They pile the lobbying pressure on with warnings that incentives for investment need to keep coming, and under time pressure, if ageing equipment is to be used to squeeze more out of emptying reservoirs.

    BBC: Buzzard platform in the North Sea

  • Yet some also blame it for increasing inequality at a time when the population is ageing and economic momentum may be ebbing.

    ECONOMIST: Presidential politics in South Korea

  • At the same time, however, the boomers' ageing will create problems for America.

    ECONOMIST: The baby-boomers retire

  • Many backbenchers believe he looks like an ageing throwback to the bad old days at a time they want a young, modern, forward-looking leader.

    BBC: By Nick Assinder

  • One advantage of this is that it would eliminate the cost of re-establishing a government-bond market in a couple of decades' time, when the rising costs of ageing populations will surely force governments to start borrowing again.

    ECONOMIST: Coping with surpluses

  • With the UK, the US and the EU facing ageing populations and health budget blowouts, now is the time for them to start siding with developing countries on affordable access.

    BBC: Do drugs really have to be so expensive?

  • But the RCN says it can see no justification for a decline in nursing numbers at a time of increasing demand for care, with an ageing population, and growing numbers or patients with long-term conditions such as diabetes and kidney disease.

    BBC: Nurses warn of 'workforce crisis' in NHS

  • At the same time, the survey said that income inequality and an ageing society were likely to be a source of tension in the long run.

    BBC: China needs 'renewed reform momentum', says OECD survey

  • And it comes at a time when demand is growing from factors such as the ageing population, development of new treatments and rise in conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

    BBC: Is the NHS really untouchable?

  • But it could also slow down the ageing of the population and, by changing the ratio of young workers to old people, give time for the creation of a decent social-security system.

    ECONOMIST: China

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