• These are contributions that are not contained by Russia's borders, as vast as those borders are.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obamas Address at the New Economic School in Moscow | The White House

  • The company is also working on continuously variable darkening (current models have only two settings) and windows that are powered entirely by self-contained solar cells.

    ECONOMIST: Green homes

  • The vast majority of those signatures are contained in dozens of boxes donated by the Ulster Unionist Council to the Northern Ireland Public Record Office in 1959.

    BBC: Front page of historic Ulster Covenant missing

  • The legal changes necessary to bring in the new tax charge on child benefit - a policy announced by the coalition in 2010 and confirmed in this year's Budget - are contained in the current Finance Bill which is currently being considered by Parliament.

    BBC: HMRC defends child benefit information policy

  • Detailed plans of the shelters built by German occupying forces in the 1940s are contained in the 300-page volume.

    BBC: Bailiwick of Guernsey's German tunnels documented

  • These are postcards from a chef with ambitions not to be contained by borders. ("I've been an immigrant my whole life, " he says.) His most recent venture, a collaboration with the National Archives called America Eats Tavern, is a place where historic dishes like Kentucky burgoo and mock turtle soup serve as a love letter to his adopted country.

    WSJ: Jose Andres Wants to Feed the World (and you)

  • As you heard in my opening remarks, the forces that are forward in the Western Pacific are, by and large, biased to Northeast Asia, contained in -- or laid down in Japan and South Korea.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing with Ben Rhodes and Admiral Robert Willard

  • The details are contained in the accounts of GSB Millmount Homes plc, a company set up by Goodbody stockbrokers during the Irish property bubble.

    BBC: Clients repaid fraction of Belfast investment

  • The accusations are contained in a 14-point motion to remove her from office, now being considered by parliament.

    BBC: Asia

  • Some hedge-fund managers believe those disclosures, which are contained within limited-partnership agreements and the fund's offering documents, should not be regulated by the agency.

    WSJ: SEC Digging Into Fund Fees

  • There were significant voices who said so years ago, including Nouriel Roubini and Raghuram Rajan, both of whom, awed by the size of the crisis they were unable to prevent, are now somber models of contained ego and radiant pride.

    NEWYORKER: Inside Job

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