• The existing law could be in conflict with European human rights legislation, a recent report concluded.

    BBC: Plans to make Jersey inheritance laws more equal

  • We are forced to come to grips with the reality that our ideals can sometimes be in conflict with what is in our national interest.

    FORBES: The Egyptian Crisis-Let Obama Do His Job

  • Meanwhile Lithuanian centre right MEP Laime Andrikiene pointed out that Taiwan was a member of the World Trade Organisation, and that any trade agreement would not be in conflict with the Commission's One China policy.

    BBC: Commission accused of 'hypocrisy' on Taiwan

  • Some lawmakers already fret that consulting and tax advisory (when the Big Four are explicitly helping companies make money) can be in conflict with auditing (where the firms should take a wary, outside view of the books, in the service of investors not management).

    ECONOMIST: The Big Four accounting firms

  • Speaking at the Herzliya Conference, Rubinstein, who now serves as the dean of the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center, rebuked Mazuz for threatening to limit Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's executive powers if he deems them to be in conflict with the criminal probe of Olmert's role in the privatization of Bank Leumi.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: The rule of lawyers

  • "The decision of the World Council was presided over by the FIA president, who was well-known to be in conflict with Briatore, with Mr Mosley having played a leading role in launching the inquiry and its investigation in violation of the principle of separation of the power of the bodies, " its judgment said.

    CNN: Ex-Renault chief Briatore wins appeal over lifetime F1 ban

  • But in this stance Noda seems be to in conflict with another key player, the 76 year old DPJ secretary general, Koshiishi Azuma.

    FORBES: Public Support for Noda Surges with Ozawa Defection

  • All of this seems to be in direct conflict with a SA increase of 873, 000 jobs in September (Household Survey), the largest increase since 1983.

    FORBES: Why Jack Welch Has A Point About Unemployment Numbers

  • "Science does not have to be taught in conflict with faith or religion, " he says.

    BBC: Who are the British creationists?

  • When family firms are run by descendant-CEOs, minority shareholders in those firms are worse off than they would be in nonfamily firms in which they would be exposed to the classic agency conflict with managers.

    FORBES: The Kochs' Crazy Dividend Policy Is Normal For Family-Controlled Firms

  • As a result, in the event of conflict with Iraq, Saddam Hussein's forces will be better equipped, in possession of better intelligence and in more secure domestic control than would otherwise be the case.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • Sprawling sores like the meltdown in Somalia or the conflict in Rwanda were to be scrupulously avoided, and Bosnia tiptoed round for months with pettifogging excuses.

    ECONOMIST: Warren Christopher

  • HUNTER-GAULT: Pronk, who has been involved in peace talks in Abuja, Nigeria, says the warring parties--two rebel factions and the government of Sudan--so far do not seem to be in a hurry to make peace in a region where some three million people are affected by the conflict, with some two million displaced and living in camps.

    NPR: African Union Leaders to Meet in Sudan

  • In fact, if IC has any real hidden agenda it is less likely about wanting to draw the U.S. into armed conflict in Africa and more likely to be an advertising relationship with Facebook.

    FORBES: 12 Lessons from KONY 2012 from Social Media Power Users

  • In a world riddled with conflict, this courage will be more essential than ever.

    CNN: Story highlights

  • Mr Putin has insisted that Russia was not supplying Syria with arms "that could be used in a civilian conflict".

    BBC: Syria conflict: Russia's Vladimir Putin stands firm

  • So, there seems to be some confusion and conflict by using taxing powers to charge taxes in connection with a private insurance market program.

    FORBES: Listen To John Roberts, Kick The Bums Out

  • That conflict will be with us unfortunately long after Iraq is in our rear view mirror, and the whole world watches and waits as the determination of the American people is tested.

    CNN: Thompson's September 7, 2007, speech in Des Moines, Iowa

  • The Iranian regime has shown a willingness to sacrifice its citizens before, deeming them martyrs, and may be willing to do the same again in the case of a nuclear conflict with Israel.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: A Nuclear Iran: The Case for Action

  • Yet Mr Erdogan seems to be moving back to a purely military solution to the conflict with rebels in the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

    ECONOMIST: Turkish foreign policy

  • For example, if robotic devices can restore sight or mobility, it may be necessary to redefine what disability is which might, in turn, conflict with the assumptions on which existing disability-rights legislation is based.

    ECONOMIST: Monitor

  • If no one reminds us, we can sometimes overlook the fact that loved ones are gone, or that our lives are filled with painful conflict in exactly the intimate areas that should be sources of strength and comfort for us.

    CNN: When the holidays turn depressing

  • In this context, notes Ms Tillman, the fact that a recent study by a lobby group found one-third of issuers to be unhappy with their ratings is reassuring evidence that the potential conflict is, in fact, well managed.

    ECONOMIST: Credit-rating agencies

  • "With a Palestinian partner who is willing to conduct negotiations in good faith, Israel will be prepared for a historic compromise that will end the conflict with the Palestinians forever, " he said.

    BBC: New Israeli government sworn in

  • There are reckoned to be about 20 Christian families still present in the town - although that was before the recent conflict with Israel, which resulted in widespread damage to houses of both Christians and Muslims.

    BBC: NEWS | Middle East | In focus: Al-Khiyam

  • It seems obvious that the momentous decision of whether to terminate the F-22 at just 180 aircraft one that could prove fateful in deterring a future conflict with increasingly hostile and aggressive adversaries should be made not by a lame-duck presidency but a newly mandated one.


  • In many ways, an online learning mandate appears to be yet another input-based requirement in a system already overburdened with mandates and in conflict with the very spirit of digital learning.

    FORBES: Is Mandating Online Learning Good Policy?

  • In an attempt to counter the proliferation of these courts, a Bill has been tabled in the House of Lords by Baroness Cox calling for Sharia courts to be outlawed where they conflict with the British legal system.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Rollback #4: The United Kingdom takes on Shariah law

  • The Chechen leadership made a very different choice, opting for a war of independence against the Russians that almost immediately descended into criminality, nihilism, and depraved violence, with both sides in the conflict seemingly waging a competition to see who could be the most brutal.

    FORBES: Russian Oppression And Chechnya: Violence Is A Choice

  • With Gen Petraeus taking over at Centcom, some Nato partners wobbling about keeping troops in Afghanistan and the US presidential election like to produce a new focus on the conflict there, one thing we can expect is for a clearer command structure to be established in 2009 with the Americans more obviously in charge.

    BBC: US general faces new Afghan challenge

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