• "The burden of proof should be placed upon the supplier to establish beyond reasonable doubt that the product being sold is not for human consumption and is safe for its intended use, " its report said.

    BBC: Legal highs need more controls, say drug council

  • This requires the government to carry the heavy burden of persuading the trier of fact that beyond a reasonable doubt that the elements of the crime are proved.

    FORBES: Nothing Civil About Asset Forfeiture

  • But it seems possible that the rules will include a presumption of innocence, the need for proof beyond reasonable doubt, and the right to choose your counsel.

    ECONOMIST: Liberty v security

  • What the study demonstrates beyond any reasonable doubt is that Shariah and the doctrines of war articulated as the Law of Jihad are valid today as they were one thousand years ago.


  • Since they relied on the Federal Criminal Code--charging crimes--in making their case, it is appropriate that they be held to the burden of proof of beyond a reasonable doubt--the standard used in criminal cases.

    CNN: Sen. Sarbanes' closed-door impeachment statement

  • On Monday, it was announced a study of the bones, along with DNA and carbon dating tests, proved "beyond reasonable doubt" the skeleton was Richard III.

    BBC: Richard III dig: Leicester plans to build on king

  • It also explains the scientific evidence which has identified the remains beyond reasonable doubt.

    BBC: King Richard III exhibition attracts thousands

  • The state will continue to pursue charges against additional people identified on Wright's ledger if the evidence is strong enough to prove the charges beyond reasonable doubt, she said.

    NPR: Maine Zumba Teacher Pleads Guilty To Prostitution

  • Terry was found not guilty in July but the FA found him guilty on 27 September, using the "balance of probabilities" as its standard of proof as opposed to the "beyond reasonable doubt" ruling used in a criminal trial.


  • The legal brief demonstrates beyond any reasonable doubt that CAIR is a criminal organization that deceptively holds itself out to the public as the nation's largest Muslim-American civil rights organization.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Federal Lawsuit Exposes Massive CAIR Fraud and Cover-up

  • In order to prove the officers broke the law, prosecutors said in the report that they "must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Reyes and Lopez disclosed the image to TMZ and obtained money in exchange for this disclosure".

    BBC: Rihanna

  • We do not wish to make use of the names here, but we are certain beyond reasonable doubt that you are aware of the names in question.

    BBC: Exchange of letters between Thanou and IOC

  • On Article I I have decided, with some regret, that the instances of perjury I believe were established beyond a reasonable doubt are offenses insufficient for removing the President from office--based on the gravity of the offenses as against the drastic nature of removal.

    CNN: Sen. Gorton's closed-door impeachment statement

  • The mortgage approval vetting process, the redundant documentation and verification requirements, and the proof-beyond-a-reasonable-doubt underwriting environment that is now the standard playbook in the mortgage lending universe far exceeds any rules the government could ever throw down.

    FORBES: The Great And Powerful New Ability-To-Repay Rule

  • The questions included seeking a definition of reaching a verdict "beyond reasonable doubt" - something the judge had given them in writing.

    BBC: Vicky Pryce jury discharged in Huhne speeding points case

  • These results demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that the experiment with floating paper currencies has been a disaster for the people of the world.

    FORBES: An International Gold Standard Beats The Rule Of The Governing Elite

  • If her real purpose was personal or otherwise not for the purpose of influencing the election, or if you cannot say what the purpose was beyond a reasonable doubt, then that would not be sufficient to satisfy this element.

    FORBES: The John Edwards trial: The prosecutors' ball of steel wool predictably sinks

  • Summit County Judge Lynne S. Callahan will issue a formal sentence next Tuesday, which could be death if she determines "beyond a reasonable doubt that the aggravating circumstances the offender was found guilty of committing outweigh the mitigating factors, " according to Ohio state law.


  • As Forbes contributor and veteran Wall Street lawyer Bill Singer points out the defense lawyers on such cases are usually much more experienced than the prosecutors who tend to be younger and have, in many cases, the more difficult job of proving the defendant guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

    FORBES: Ex-Hedge Fund Chief Acquitted, Is Rajaratnam Next?

  • "The prosecution say that Mr Cowan fits that profile perfectly, and the prosecution say that you can be sure - all 12 of you, beyond reasonable doubt - that Mr Cowan was the gunman, " he said.

    BBC: Andrew Farndon

  • But Franklin exercised his discretion and reviewed the case over a three-week period and concluded "that the entire body of evidence was insufficient to meet the burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt, " Hagel wrote.

    NPR: Hagel To Review Air Force Sexual Assault Case

  • The President's attempt to derail the Independent Counsel's inquiry--an inquiry the very purpose of which was to discover whether the President gave false testimony and tampered with witnesses--by lying to his colleagues, his cabinet, his confidantes, the media, the American people, and ultimately, the grand jury, is--beyond a reasonable doubt--a wide-ranging and highly public obstruction of justice, deeply damaging to the judicial fabric of the United States.

    CNN: Sen. Gorton's closed-door impeachment statement

  • The regulations published by the Pentagon stipulate that the accused will be considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, that he cannot be compelled to testify against himself, and that the trials should be open to the press and public if possible.

    ECONOMIST: Fighting terrorism

  • Knox's lawyer Luciano Ghirga reminded the jury Monday that they had to be convinced "beyond a reasonable doubt" that Knox and Sollecito were guilty if they were to uphold the conviction.

    CNN: Italian jury clears American Amanda Knox of murder

  • Indeed, we submit to you that given the gravity of the decision you must reach, each of you should go further and ask whether the House has established guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

    CNN: Transcript: White House Counsel Ruff's opening statement

  • Ms Jordan says that, despite pressure, she clung to her belief that the prosecutors failed to demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that Messrs Kozlowski and Swartz intentionally meant to defraud Tyco or its shareholders.

    ECONOMIST: The Tyco mistrial

  • On the other, if a prosecutor thinks a person has caused another great physical injury or death, but doesn't think the government can prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, should they be able to cobble together other charges to get to that life sentence?

    CNN: Peanut sentence sends a message

  • "It's certainly something you may consider in deciding whether the government has proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt, " he said.

    BBC: Youngest Guantanamo inmate, Canadian Omar Khadr, tried

  • He also said the prosecution had failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Taylor was part of a joint criminal enterprise.

    BBC: Charles Taylor guilty of aiding Sierra Leone war crimes

  • The standard of proof would be beyond a reasonable doubt.

    CNN: From Our Correspondent: What Is Contempt of Court?

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