• These included "Beach Party" (1963), "Muscle Beach Party" (1964), "Bikini Beach" (1964), "Beach Blanket Bingo" (1965), and "How to Stuff a Wild Bikini" (1965).

    CNN: 'Mickey Mouse Club' original Annette Funicello dies

  • You may see the Arhuac in Pueblo Bello, with their white serapes (a long blanket-like shawl), tall coned hats, long black hair and beautifully stitched handbags slung across lean shoulders -- but they will rarely meet your gaze, looking down or off to the side, avoiding attention and gliding past with a cool effortlessness.

    BBC: Colombia��s spiritual centre

  • Slung over the back of the sofa is an antique ralli quilt (sometimes called a marriage blanket) from Pakistan or India.

    WSJ: Mastering the Layered Look | Living Well

  • Ireland has made a valiant attempt to rein in its deficit, but it is still in deep financial trouble because in 2008 Dublin offered a blanket guarantee for the liabilities of its local banks (covering creditors and depositors), in a step which has now proven deeply unaffordable.

    FORBES: Yes, You Can Buy Ireland (If You're Brave)

  • The parents-to-be were thus exposed to visual, auditory, tactile and (from the blanket) olfactory stimuli associated with having a baby around.

    ECONOMIST: Hormones and fatherhood

  • Brigadier General NICK POPE (NATO): By providing a security blanket, if you like, the intention is to set the conditions for reconstruction and development initiatives, thereby providing tangible and demonstrable signs of a better future for the population.

    NPR: Afghan Violence Shows Little Sign of Easing

  • Jonathan Edwards from MALV (Mansfield Association of Licensed Venues) said a blanket ban on glasses was "unfair".

    BBC: Mansfield pub glass attack victim wants plastic cups used

  • The previous government had been considering the issue since the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled in March 2004 that a blanket ban was unlawful.

    BBC: Ministers to reconsider ban on prisoners voting

  • Keith Reed, chief executive of the Twins and Multiple Births Association (TAMBA), said any decision to avoid a blanket ban on the use of more than one embryo represented a "victory" for patients.

    BBC: IVF (Hank Morgan/ Science Photo Library)

  • At a late stage Mr Geithner rejected the idea of a government-run bad bank (as well as blanket guarantees for noxious assets), put off by the high upfront cost and the problems it would have valuing the debt.

    ECONOMIST: America's bank bail-out

  • The main Treasure Gallery most visitors are likely to see provides a hefty hors d'oeuvre portion of ancient gold works before segueing into various latter-day Czarist excesses (the diamond-crusted horse blanket, gift of a Turkish sultan, comes to mind).

    FORBES: Travel

  • Ms. MARION BLAKEY (Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration): In the past we would issue a blanket delay for all of those planes into Newark, even those that theoretically would not have been bothered by the storm.

    NPR: FAA Seeks to Cut Air Traffic Congestion

  • Tihar jail officials said Ram Singh appeared to have hanged himself with an improvised rope made from a blanket at about 05:00 local time on Monday (23:30 GMT Sunday) while his three cellmates were asleep.

    BBC: Delhi rape: Ram Singh's body released after post mortem

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