• The National Secular Society, meanwhile, urged the prime minister to "ignore Lord Carey's theocratic and anti-democratic blustering".

    BBC: Lord Carey attacks PM over Christian 'support'

  • Hatch was satisfied with Clinton's contriteness, but it was the Starr part that got him blustering like a blunderbuss.

    CNN: Blowing His Stack

  • He may have been blustering, as Alex Salmond claimed, ahead of taking a very different approach after a 'yes' vote.

    BBC: Scottish independence: Growth pains or pleasures?

  • Largely Scottish, they include Billy Connolly as blustering King Fergus, Kelly Macdonald as Merida and Emma Thomson as the Queen.

    BBC: Scotland arts correspondent

  • But the evidence from the laptops suggests that there is certainly a case to be answered by something more than a blustering denial.

    ECONOMIST: Colombia and Venezuela

  • He also showed that a skinny, thoughtful community organizer has a lot more guts than a blustering Ivy Leaguer posing as a cowboy.

    CNN: Finally, a president who takes responsibility

  • Outside the beltway, the current battle over the budget probably looks like the usual blustering drama that Congress has been engaged in for years.

    FORBES: Congress Is Killing Medical Research

  • Once again, Mr Estrada's opponents criticised him for blustering and blundering.

    ECONOMIST: The Philippines

  • Dignity will not get you a high-profile apparel contract or a magazine cover and it does not ensure a post-playing career as a blustering talking head.

    WSJ: Jason Gay: The Lesson of Mariano Rivera

  • Yet Mr Dunlap, a man who has the answer to every question off pat before it is even asked, is more prone to blustering assertions than to analysis.

    ECONOMIST: Ready, fire, aim

  • Roads faced similar disruption in 1963, but former policeman Tom Taylor, 68, from Gloucester, said the biggest problem was not a lack of grit - but a relentless, blustering wind.

    BBC: How different is the winter of 2010 from 1963?

  • Mr. LARRY BURNS (Council on Hemispheric Affairs): Even those countries that feel uneasy with Chavez's blustering style or are personally put off by him, see in this a much higher purpose.

    NPR: U.S. Hopes to Block Venezuela from Security Council

  • The scruffy-haired Old Etonian ex-journalist, who appears to have emerged straight from a PG Wodehouse novel, inspired a cult following with spirited performances on a satirical BBC TV show that highlighted his blustering, easygoing charm.

    CNN: London mayoral election: Battle of the buses

  • But Western diplomats insisted that even the Russians, despite their subsequent blustering denials, implicitly accepted the principle of Mr Assad's early exit, since it was inconceivable he could stay on in a transitional regime if mutual consent were given.

    ECONOMIST: The crisis in Syria

  • Kim was blustering ever louder about attacking or being attacked (outrageous prospects that cannot be discounted as long as he puts his antsy military on edge), while Kuroda was promising a nuclear attack on Japanese deflation in the latest bit of worldwide monetary expansion.

    FORBES: Asia's Week: Kuroda Speaks Louder Than Kim

  • But given all of the positioning and blustering by the NFL and the NFLPA since the lockout was initiated in March of this year, have the negotiations for a collective bargaining agreement ever really been as adversarial as they have been made out to be?

    FORBES: The NFL Lockout: A Policy With No Teeth?

  • He built a regime that could survive the grossest of economic failures by means of a blustering and threatening foreign policy, an oversized military that sucked up huge resources, strategic payments to key supporters in the party and military from arms and drug sales, and absolute repression of his people.

    FORBES: Kim Jong Il: The Passing Of A Tyrant And The Ensuing Power Struggle

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