• The body count continues to rise as the Green Jobs Revolution sputters its way to the end of a disastrous 2011.

    FORBES: Watching The Wheels Come Off The Green Machine

  • It found every 10% rise in body mass index (BMI) - used as an indicator of body fat - led to a 4% drop of available vitamin D in the body.

    BBC: Study finds obesity can 'lead to lack of vitamin D'

  • If you think about the Cambrian explosion of body plans or the rise of mammals, these were not the organisms that were best suited for their environments--they were really wild experiments in different sorts of space and possibilities.

    FORBES: Writing The Code Of Life

  • And just to be sure of removing any whiff of sexual incorrectness, Miss Smith communicated with her boss only by email, using a program designed to crash at the least indication of a rise in body temperature at either end of the line.

    ECONOMIST: Take a letter, Miss Smith

  • As testosterone levels rise in your body they start affecting the amount of risk you want to take and the way you assess risk.

    FORBES: Neuroscience Explains Why Wall Street Needs More Women

  • It has given rise to a considerable body of knowledge, songs, maxims, tales and legends.

    UNESCO: Culture

  • Bruce has to repair his shattered body and mind in order to rise up from defeat revealing himself to be alive and stronger than ever.

    FORBES: Top 10 Comparisons Between Iron Man And Batman Films

  • Research has shown that the body's temperature tends to rise by a few degrees in the afternoon, warming the muscles and connective tissues and resulting in a slight improvement in your performance capabilities.

    FORBES: Best Time To Hit The Gym

  • Throughout, levels of different hormones rise and fall - and body temperature rises around ovulation.

    BBC: Hormones in menstrual cycle 'affect asthma'

  • House building industry body Homes for Scotland described the overall rise in lending for house purchases in the second quarter as "positive news", as it demonstrated that the demand for home ownership still existed in Scotland.

    BBC: Sharp rise in Scottish first-time buyers

  • Trade body the National Caravan Council claims the tax rise would lead to 4, 340 job losses at holiday parks across the UK, with a further 1, 446 jobs lost in the manufacturing sector and 1, 500 at suppliers.

    BBC: MPs in last-minute plea on planned caravan tax rise

  • In its evidence to the Pay Review Body the BMA said doctors should get a pay rise of at least 4.5% to maintain a comparable position with other professions.

    BBC: Doctors are unhappy with the recommendation

  • An independent pay review body had recommended a 2.5% pay rise, but the government staged that rise, awarding 1.5% in April and the remaining 1% from November, a decision made by the prime minister when he was still chancellor.


  • What's more, the body mass index (BMI) of overweight people tended to rise as the gap between their weekday and weekend "time zones" widened.

    CNN: Is 'social jet lag' harming your health?

  • Regardless of whether you buy McKenna's theory, he does provide a compelling case for the relationship between "cosmic, out-of-body euphoria" and the cognitive leaps to which it can give rise.

    CNN: Can ideas get you high?

  • However, even with the rise of the G20 as the main global economic decision making body, with China, India, Brazil, Russia and South Africa all at the top table, the world appears to lack the governance architecture to achieve the conditions for this kind of enduring economic reform.

    BBC: How to catch a falling knife

  • One reason for the sharp rise is the increasingly liberalized telecoms market in Europe, the EU executive body said.

    CNN: 40 percent of Europeans have Internet access

  • During pregnancy oestrogen and progesterone levels rise to support the growing baby and to prevent a women's body from rejecting it.

    BBC: Pregnancy - the 'miracle' cure?

  • Whiplash claims have continued to rise despite a drop in the number of road accident injuries, a body that represents actuaries has said.

    BBC: Traffic

  • An increase in Qatari men drinking alcohol in bars often in the full-length body robe that is the national dress, and sometimes in public is on the rise, some observers say.

    WSJ: Qatar, Unveiling Tensions, Suspends Sale of Alcohol

  • Cashmore thinks the apparent rise in people getting tattoos is closely linked to the importance that modern society places on the body and personal grooming.

    CNN: What's in the ink? Euro 2012 stars and their tattoos

  • They are irrelevant as to the issues under discussion, they violate basic and well established principles of law, they are arbitrary, capricious, biased and discriminatory and give rise to both civil and criminal liability, not only against the IOC as a sporting governing body, but also against certain individuals of the Movement.

    BBC: Exchange of letters between Thanou and IOC

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