• Send our unemployed kids with college degrees from the local university there to open up a branch office?

    FORBES: Forget Florida My Dear, This Year We Shall Winter in The Bakkens

  • Branch office taxes can lead to trouble on Section 482 transfer pricing tax issues (where the profits are booked).

    FORBES: Questions Linger Regarding New Forex Rules

  • Windows at a Citibank branch office on the ground floor had been broken and a melee broke out between police and protesters.

    BBC: Anti-war messages dominate protest

  • Sentiments like these don't make Mer the best-liked minister in a country that has long considered the state to be heaven's branch office on earth.

    FORBES: Sea change in France

  • The truth is that each of these operates as a branch office for the City of London, the square mile that is the epicenter of finance in London.


  • Banks have traditionally struggled to find a profitable business model in impoverished areas, where the cost of operating a branch office usually outweighs whatever profits it can achieve.

    CNN: Mobile money transfers may infuse developing world

  • The Spiral building was financed by Wacoal, a staid old Kyoto lingerie maker that also raised eyebrows with its Tokyo branch office, on prime land near the Imperial Palace.


  • The first full branch office was opened last year.

    FORBES: Opportunities to fight for

  • But one cannot help wondering whether Mr George's views are coloured by a disinclination to see the Bank of England relegated to the status of a branch office of the European central bank.

    ECONOMIST: Who wants the euro, and why | The

  • The head of the IRS tax-exempt office has said the practice was started in a branch office in Cincinnati, Ohio, where most of the applications were processed, and was not motivated by political bias.

    BBC: Obama: Extra tax scrutiny for conservatives 'outrageous'

  • Another feature called "Expert On-Demand, " sorts through a company's database of experts to create a video connection between a user--say, a confused customer in a bank's branch office--and the person best suited to answer his or her questions on any given topic.

    FORBES: Enterprise

  • Three years ago, Mr. Piper decided to spend more time at the office, traveling to headquarters at least once a month and coming into a branch office several times a week partly because he had three noisy children at home, and partly because virtual beers only go so far.

    WSJ: Yahoo's Move Puts Work-From-Home in the Spotlight

  • Network Rationalization (plant closures) and RAOI (post office branch closures) are not the answer.

    FORBES: Going Postal: How Congress Has Failed Its Shareholders

  • "We are committed to having a Post Office branch within the area".

    BBC: Carmarthen post office: Rally over 'shop move' worry

  • "Royal Mail has concerns about the working conditions for our four members of staff working in the mail office at Sanquhar Post Office branch, " she said.

    BBC: Sanquhar post office 'closure threat' claims by MSP

  • The report also recommended that a community-run library in a post office branch in Weston Rhyn, Oswestry, should be closed in March, due to the high cost and low usage ratio.

    BBC: Shropshire mobile library services 'should be cut'

  • They are the only members of any branch that hold their office for life.

    CNN: Transcript: White House Counsel Ruff's opening statement

  • The post office's branch network is a political as well as commercial goldmine, which can deliver huge numbers of votes, especially in Japan's all-important rural constituencies.

    ECONOMIST: Japanese finance

  • Yucho has recently lost some of its payments business to Japan's convenience-store chains, which together have an even more comprehensive branch network than the post office.

    ECONOMIST: Japanese finance

  • Months after disclosing billions of dollars in losses due to a botched trading strategy in the London branch of its Chief Investment Office, JPMorgan Chase has appointed executive Craig Delany to lead the unit.

    FORBES: JPMorgan Taps New Chief For 'London Whale' Unit

  • Wayne Kong Yuk-shan, a branch officer at an Aeon office in the Central business district, says some 100 people, a number of them male, queued every day to apply for the pastel-pink card - and choose their free gift from a selection of Hello Kitty appliances. (These days, the giveaways are Kitty cup noodles and a cushion.) "Hong Kong people are very influenced by Japanese culture, so they like Kitty, " says Kong.


  • The main office wanted the New Jersey branch to get in line with corporate practices, but its head preferred to do things his own way.

    FORBES: How to Get Your Boss Fired

  • Phil Shanholtzer, branch chief for the USDA Public Affairs Office, said that most states are holding off on applying for waivers until the dust settles a bit on welfare reform.

    CNN: Related Stories

  • Indeed, since Obama came into office waving an enormous olive branch in Teheran's direction, the regime has become more outspoken in its hostility toward the US. It has humiliated Washington by refusing visas to America's women's badminton team to play their Iranian counterparts.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Obama's new world order and Israel

  • Ms. Coloretti worked as a Health Financing Branch Budget Examiner for the U.S. Office of Management and Budget from 1994 to 1997.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts

  • But Twitter will probably follow the example of other technology companies, basing its corporate headquarters in Dublin to take advantage of the tax rate (then hiring back-office staff) and setting up another branch in London where it can tap into a wider pool of folks who are highly skilled in software development.

    FORBES: Why Twitter Will Pick The Irish

  • And the Office of Management and Budget within the Executive Branch is the principal actor when it comes to assessing these things.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • Within months after taking office, President Obama established an executive-branch cybersecurity coordinator and a new Cyber Command colocated with the super-secret National Security Agency at Fort Meade, MD.

    FORBES: Cyberwarfare May Be A Bust For Many Defense Contractors

  • The court rejected Clinton's claims that lawsuits against presidents in office violate the separation of powers between the judicial branch and the executive branch.

    CNN: Green Light For Jones

  • Steve Geraty of Post Office Limited in Wales said the decision to close a branch would often be unpopular.

    BBC: Post Office sign

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