• As a former national break dance champion, he is the Darren Gough of the Indian team.

    BBC: Sri Sreesanth

  • "When the comic high point of your movie features Steve Martin attempting to break dance while clad in hip-hop gear, you know you are in trouble", BBC News Online's Caroline Westbrook said on Monday.

    BBC: Martin's House is UK film hit

  • Sophie Gregory and her friends from Wales loved the break-dance celebration, of course.

    WSJ: 2012 London Olympics: U.S. Women's Soccer Team: A New World Order at Old Trafford - Jason Gay

  • Wozniak capped their routine by doing his version of the break-dance move known as "the worm, " but even that failed to save his lackluster performance.

    CNN: Fans keep Wozniak 'Dancing With the Stars'

  • After a spirited rendition of "Born to Boogie, " the cast, which included Thommie Retter, a solidly built gentleman with a bit of a belly but who nonetheless confounded the laws of physics with his break-dance moves, introduced themselves.

    WSJ: Broadway Grows Up

  • After scoring, Wambach and her teammates collected hands, and, in a pre-choreographed routine, did a long, break-dance style wave motion that gestured down to the far end of field, where goalie Hope Solo and defender Christie Rampone dropped to the ground and performed an undulating maneuver known to anyone who has ever consumed more than three drinks at a wedding: The Worm.

    WSJ: 2012 London Olympics: U.S. Women's Soccer Team: A New World Order at Old Trafford - Jason Gay

  • Another sexually shaded comic highlight comes when Tomei and Lyonne (whose character, until this point, is virtually played like a teen-age Selma Diamond) break into a spontaneous dance that features Tomei's vibrator as a sort of stage prop.

    CNN: Review: 'Slums of Beverly Hills' on-target with comic realism

  • It makes for a fun and lively video street drummers, break dancers, a dance troupe all in the middle of Times Square much to the delight of city residents and tourists who happened through the area.

    FORBES: Wells Fargo Does NYC Flash Mob - Careful What You Wish For

  • So the next time all you marketers out there break into a happy dance because 100 people shared your ad you may want to temper your enthusiasm just a tad as it is not indicative of a consumer who is necessarily engaged with your brand per se.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • But if you meet every person in your city, get to know each of their general habits, and keep track of everyone's plans, you could guess when they might break out into song and dance as a group.

    CNN: Can you trust the weatherman?

  • Men, perhaps lonely or simply shy, could break the ice by asking a woman to dance.

    ECONOMIST: Kathryn Murray

  • Mr. Retter told the kids that he was teaching adult tap dance in LA when his big break came.

    WSJ: Broadway Grows Up

  • Characters break out into song at crucial moments and dance away the evenings in a night club yet a secret society run by the club manager threatens to turn their serious fun into frivolous danger.

    NEWYORKER: Up/Down/Fragile

  • The break in hip-hop is that point in the song where the lyrics fade out, the instrumental and the percussion takes center stage, and the B-boys, the break-boys or the break- girls would come on to the dance floor and their thing.

    NPR: Getting 'The Message' from Hip-Hop Lyrics

  • Sure, you can take a break to take the kid to Boy Scouts or dance lessons, but the work is waiting to be done late at night or early in the morning.

    FORBES: Entrepreneur moms

  • And after a break of a year or so caused by the recession, both are out on the dance floor again, spinning to a tune that if anything is getting faster.

    BBC: Emissions and growth continue their dance

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