• "I only want people who are totally committed, " said Burley at a brusque media conference.

    BBC: Burley hits back at striker Boyd

  • In the past, brusque interrogators frightened children, making them less willing to confront their abusers.

    ECONOMIST: Thailand

  • She had little patience for the gently constructive language of a writing workshop, and could be brusque and disparaging.

    NEWYORKER: A Loaded Gun

  • The file contains a letter from Mr. Gingrich apologizing for his brusque treatment of Mr. Kennedy, the history head.

    WSJ: Newt Gingrich's College Records Show a Professor Hatching Big Plans

  • Brusque hosts and servers, armed with walkie-talkies, dart around the restaurant like referees.

    NEWYORKER: Pok Pok Ny

  • Every day of the four-day safari started at 5 a.m. with a brusque knock and tea and biscuits delivered to my door.

    FORBES: Losing My Virginity on Safari

  • They added to their score when flanker Nicolas Bacque went over, and moments later, back Nicolas Brusque crossed over for their second try.

    BBC: Stade Municipal

  • Though generally good-humoured, his occasionally brusque responses revealed him to be a man who does not suffer fools - or impertinent reporters - gladly.

    BBC: Science friction with star Reeves

  • In the maze of streets surrounding the Jokhang, soldiers and police man checkpoints and carry out brusque searches with metal detectors and X-ray machines.

    ECONOMIST: A rare foreign visitor finds a Chinese tourism boom

  • Sources said Vinci had made two previous approaches to TBI, the first before the collapse in the firm's shares, but gained a brusque response.

    BBC: French firm launches airports bid

  • They also tend to resent female bosses who adopt a brusque and assertive management style, even as they find it perfectly acceptable for male bosses.

    WSJ: The Tyranny of the Queen Bee

  • But Mr Fenty's brusque style has alienated many of his constituents.

    ECONOMIST: Unemployment costs the mayor his job

  • Those who face charges of corruption and defaulting on loans, including Mr Sharif's relations and, it is presumed, eventually Mr Sharif himself, face similarly brusque treatment.

    ECONOMIST: The familiar conflict between justice and retribution

  • When he is ready for his walk, Irina tries to help him button his parka, his anorak, but he shakes her off with a few brusque words.

    NEWYORKER: Midnight in Dostoevsky

  • " Except he said something more brusque than "Felix Frankfurter.

    WSJ: Jason Gay: 'Magic Khakis' Rex Ryan vs. 'Football Bieber' Tim Tebow

  • Some of Lutcher Stark's heirs fumed over the brusque, secretive Nelda, but it wasn't until 1987 that they hired a tough Houston lawyer, Michael Gallagher, to raise a stink.

    FORBES: How Lawyers Get Rich

  • The danger is that the brusque treatment of Mr Corzine, and a perception that Goldman's investment-banking side has scored a victory over its trading arm, will unleash further internal conflict.

    ECONOMIST: Goldman Sachs

  • Female voters have never been too keen anyway on Alex Salmond, the brusque if charismatic leader of the ruling Scottish National Party (SNP) and first minister of the Scottish government.

    ECONOMIST: A campaign to get women to vote for an independent Scotland

  • Mr Edelman could be brusque and difficult with colleagues.

    ECONOMIST: Marek Edelman

  • Mr Saakashvili's impulsive temperament, coupled in some cases with a blind eye to his friends' flaws, have created a worrying impression of both cronyism and a liking for a brusque, even bullying, style.

    ECONOMIST: Snap elections will not end the woes

  • "We haven't had to dodge any bullets because we didn't get in front of them to begin with, " says Moglia, a brusque 58-year-old Bronx native with an unwavering faith in his unadorned game plan.

    FORBES: What Mortgage Mess?

  • Hungarian voters strongly back Mr Orban's brusque approach.

    ECONOMIST: Eastern Europe��s image: The awkward squad | The

  • Surely the Bush administration is the clumsiest in recent memory, with Condoleezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld torpedoing Colin Powell's attempts to persuade and convince with their brusque language and offensive lack of respect for other countries?

    ECONOMIST: Oceans apart?

  • The brusque attitude and tone had been instilled at West Point, together with the gimlet stare and the preference for dealing with America's adversaries, whether Cubans, Palestinians or leftist Nicaraguans, with a bombing run or an invasion.

    ECONOMIST: Alexander Haig

  • Even so, they know what any professional interrogators will tell you: A disarming smile, a few seemingly random questions, and a monitoring of body language are far more likely to detect terrorists than brusque treatment and formulaic questions.

    FORBES: The Best Airport Experience In The World

  • If selected, his brusque style and reputation for incorruptibility would make life uncomfortable for the thousands of departmental officials who, according to the national audit agency last month, have skimmed off tens of millions of dollars for themselves in recent years.

    ECONOMIST: An awkward transition

  • The hardliners' retort was brusque.


  • Summers is also known for being extremely brusque, reportedly having icy disagreements with several top administration officials including Romer and White House economic adviser Austan Goolsbee, who has been tapped to head the CEA. White House officials have not said if the president asked Summers to step down or whether he volunteered his resignation.

    FORBES: Summers To Leave White House

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