• Liberty cannot move forward to buy the rest of the company until mid-2012 because a change of control would result in the loss of the NOL carry-forward.


  • The New Jersey Gross Income Tax Act does not follow federal law regarding carry-forward and carry-back losses and the loss on the 2008 New Jersey individual income tax return can only be netted against gains or income reported in the category Net gains or income from disposition of property.

    FORBES: Madoff Investors Receive New Jersey Tax Refunds

  • To actually carry forward - as was the old system - and inflate the register is not possibly the best way to go.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Northern Ireland | Vote fraud measures criticised

  • But I also know that sanctions without outreach -- and condemnation without discussion -- can carry forward a crippling status quo.

    CNN: Obama: 'Peace requires responsibility'

  • The agreement stipulates that their organisations will have 80 delegates each at a 465-member national conference which will carry the peace process forward, choose a 13-man council to elect a president and set up a transitional government.

    ECONOMIST: Somalia

  • Eighteen days later Mr Flowers had acquired a controlling interest in Enstar, a small firm in Alabama that had two big attractions: a stockmarket value beneath its cash holdings, and a tax-loss to carry forward.

    ECONOMIST: Face value

  • The temporary break also allows a donor to carry forward any unused write-off for a full 15 years, instead of the normal five.

    FORBES: Good And Bad News For Conservationists In New Tax Law

  • The Center for Security Policy today urged the Bush Administration and its coalition partners to carry the campaign forward from the liberation of Kuwait -- now nearly completed -- to the liberation of Iraq, itself.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: On to Baghdad! Liberate Iraq

  • The Framers also called upon posterity to carry on their work -- to keep our country moving forward and bring us ever closer to a more perfect Union.

    WHITEHOUSE: Presidential Proclamation -- Bill of Rights Day, 2012

  • Look, I don't think the Secretary or the President are under any illusion that some of this will be easy, but I think somebody like Secretary Gates has enormous credibility in determining what's important for this military and for this fighting force moving forward, and I think that will carry -- I think that endorsement will carry enormous weight.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • "We are examining the suggestion that financial supporters be asked to carry forward their commitment so that an event with guaranteed up-front funding conditions can be staged - possibly, next year, " she said.

    BBC: Folkestone Airshow cancelled due to insufficient funds

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