• It's wrong for another American to go and to cavort with dictators who have inflicted terrorism (3) upon the United States.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Farrakhan's behavior is beyond 'shameful'

  • Moonlight Lodge is the development's centerpiece, with a spa, the Timbers restaurant and a three-story stone fireplace on which three stuffed mountain goats cavort.

    FORBES: Just the ticket

  • Likewise, I dream of watching Kathleen Turner cavort naked on stage.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • And in Churchill, where tourists crowd into rumbling "Tundra Buggies" to watch polar bears cavort, the population fell from 1, 194 to 935 between 1984 and 2004.

    WSJ: Are Polar Bears Really Disappearing?

  • Another who might have reached the presidency, had he not succumbed to the same meltdown of reason is former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, the law and order guy who threw it all away to cavort with prostitutes.

    CNN: Are men stupid?

  • Laze by the pool, indulge in a long lunch while monkeys cavort in the trees and knock back a coconut feni or two (the local Goan firewater), and you will truly appreciate the meaning of a good Goan susegad.

    BBC: Goa's boutique gems

  • When the film was made during the peak period of anti-terrorist legislation the golden touch of Hollywood was, it seemed, sufficiently persuasive for the authorities to permit a massed horde of extras dressed as the nation's most famous terrorist to cavort riotously in Parliament Square.

    BBC: Viewpoint: V for Vendetta and the rise of Anonymous

  • But while the financial sector is still struggling to rid itself of a reputation for outings in which bankers and their clients cavort in strip clubs, or worse, current and former Wall Streeters say the scene has become much tamer since the wild days of the 1980s.

    WSJ: Sex Scandal Damages Wall Street's Cleaner Image

  • Some of these people do what we expect of them: They run for office, pass legislation, start a business, get hired or fired, commit a crime, make an arrest, get in accidents, hit a home run, overthrow a government, fight wars, sue an opponent, put out fires, prepare for hurricanes, and cavort with people other than their spouses.

    CNN: Intriguing people for

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