• Refrain from breast beating, and don't clobber the world over the head with your moral fabulousness.

    WSJ: A Sourpuss? Moi?

  • These setbacks for the unions come at a time when Republicans are gearing up to clobber them.

    ECONOMIST: The rising, falling trade unions

  • Are the coalition's jets supposed to clobber Libya's forces wherever they are or only when they are advancing?

    ECONOMIST: Lexington

  • At some point, of course, high prices will clobber demand and encourage efficiency, fuel switching and so on.

    ECONOMIST: Can anything cool the oil market?

  • Tax was a key theme of the election and one with which the Tories hoped they could clobber Labour.


  • The skew means a problem that is moderate in absolute terms could still clobber big parts of the system.

    ECONOMIST: Indian banks

  • So, you see, even though stocks have produced a nice return over time, they can clobber you for extended periods.

    CNN: Commentary: Don't let history be your guide to investing

  • Like Sinatra, Ferrer lets his life experience seep into the music, but he doesn't clobber you over the head with it.

    NPR: Buena Vista Social Club Singer's Last Album

  • If American legislators can find a way to deter American gamblers, it would clobber the revenues of PartyGaming and its competitors.

    ECONOMIST: A blue-chip investment? | The

  • For years the fashion pundits have been predicting that the phenomenon known as dressing down would clobber the up-market men's clothing makers.

    FORBES: Making Money In Style

  • Moreover, the much larger Facebook would ultimately clobber RenRen to smithereens if it ever entered the Chinese market with Baidu as bodyguard.

    FORBES: China's Social Network RenRen is no Facebook

  • These helped the AKP to clobber the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) in much of the south-east in the July 2007 election.

    ECONOMIST: Turkey and the Kurds

  • They come in, clobber you over the head, and then go away.

    NEWYORKER: Once Upon a Time

  • The first is the idea of pre-exposure prophylaxis in other words, giving ARVs to uninfected people to clobber any new infection before it can get going.

    ECONOMIST: The XVIIth International AIDS Conference

  • If the fiery Mr Dean can clobber Mr Gephardt in Iowa and Mr Kerry in New Hampshire, he may have the nomination in his grasp by early February.

    ECONOMIST: Here we go again: America's angry election | The

  • In Maryland greedy pols are ready to raise the sales tax 20% and to boost the levy on business profits--a great way to clobber both consumers and job-creating enterprises.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • So he and his advisors huddled, trying to craft something that would protect the fingers, allow for flexibility, and not look like Gardner was about to clobber the second baseman.

    WSJ: It's for Sliding, Not Baking

  • To clobber GM in this battle, Ford needs to create a car for consumers to trade up for in its Lincoln brand for when the economy recovers more, Whiston says.

    FORBES: Intelligent Investing Panel

  • After some idle chatter (we have known each other for longer than we might care to admit), she zeroes in on what I'm wearing, identifying it within seconds as somewhat ancient designer clobber.

    WSJ: Tina Gaudoin on Style: How to Wear Topshop Past 25

  • His chief adviser, Gary South, hovering on the fringes of the convention under the baleful gaze of young Republican delegate-minders, promised that, whoever emerged as the Republican candidate, Mr Davis would be waiting to clobber him.

    ECONOMIST: California's Republicans

  • "What we need to see is action from the government and more pressure on... these very big lazy companies who think it's OK to clobber people with above-inflation price rises at the very time when they can least afford it, " he said.

    BBC: British Gas vehicle and employee

  • Anyone Main Street investor with an E-Trade account thinking that it makes no sense that a fund holding low yielding securities can still clobber a fund holding higher yielding securities need only to consider the political demand around the world for U.S. debt.

    FORBES: US Treasury Bond Funds Still Outperformers, But For How Long?

  • The SEC contends in its most recent case that Thomas Badian's brother, Andreas Badian, an official at Rhino, directed three brokers who were affiliated with Refco Securities, (two of them were also affiliated with another brokerage that was named in the case) to sell short massive amounts of Sedona shares with "unbridled levels of aggression, " intending to "clobber" Sedona's stock price until it collapsed.

    FORBES: Naked Justice?

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