• And when he concluded McClellan couldn't win, he removed him, with no malice and complete coldness.

    WSJ: Peggy Noonan: A 'Necessary' War?

  • It's more about the coldness of a big city, how a city treats its citizens.

    WSJ: Brazilian Rapper Criolo: From Favela to Summerfest

  • This is no hagiography: she could be prickly, stubborn and unsentimental to the point of coldness.

    ECONOMIST: A new biography of Julia Child

  • ''China needs to calm down and accept a state of long-term coldness and even tension and volatility.

    BBC: Shinzo Abe (November 2012)

  • Stan's initial decency seems to wane, and his coldness grows, as his control over Katie appears in jeopardy.

    WSJ: Review: Mint has a subtle revival of 'Katie Roche'

  • After the coldness between Mr Arafat and Mr Assad's father, Palestinians are seeing this as a genuine thaw.

    ECONOMIST: Hopeless in Gaza

  • Your coldness about Diana, and your belittling of her, is the real tragedy.

    ECONOMIST: Diana

  • They point to what they see as the impolitic coldness that Syria's foreign minister, Farouq Sharaa, radiates in the talks.

    ECONOMIST: Israelis who say no to peace with Syria

  • And the movie itself shades from coldness and contrivance into a story as touching and mysterious as anything Kieslowski has ever made.


  • What I am trying to get across is the coldness and callousness.

    BBC: Stephen Farrow murder trial: Accused's 'rape fantasies'

  • The animation, computer-assisted in some of the more elaborate sequences, is sometimes impressive, but rarely impressive enough to overcome a certain impersonality a stubborn mechanical coldness.

    NEWYORKER: The Lion King

  • But a report in The Lancet medical journal suggests that these deaths may actually be caused by drowning as a result of swimming impairment induced by the coldness of the water.

    BBC: Cold water increases drowning risk

  • Even here, though, a self-serving coldness prevailed.

    NEWYORKER: Unsinkable

  • In 1962, the Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini, whose first films were latter-day variants on neo-realism, took a flying leap into hectic modernity with this short, apocalyptic screed against the habits of professional filmmaking and the un-Christian coldness of contemporary Christendom.

    NEWYORKER: La Ricotta

  • The relentless, single-minded dedication to one's passions that Rand seems to favor requires a coldness of the soul, a narrowing of one's humanity--the natural interest in the fortune of others that Smith alludes to--that most people find is not exactly conducive to their happiness.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • And she tries to explain the faults she finds in Pushkin his gambling, his emotional coldness combined with sexual opportunism, his inability to judge women by anything but their looks, and his coolness to the cause of Polish nationalism by blaming a miserable start in life.

    ECONOMIST: Russian writers

  • Step 1 to 3 can be well practiced by using your mind, but when it comes to Step 4, take time for yourself, breath in and out, notice any discomfort in your body and breathe into this discomfort which is often experienced as coldness, stiffness, numbness, prickle, tightness etc.

    FORBES: 5 Steps To Transform Your Life - Step 4

  • The central point made by Mr Lieven's witty and impeccably scholarly book is that Russia owed its victory not to the courage of its national spirit or to the coldness of the 1812 winter, as some French sources have argued, but to its military excellence, superior cavalry, the high standards of Russia's diplomatic and intelligence services and the quality of its European elite.

    ECONOMIST: Russia's war against Napoleon

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