• Carbon monoxide (CO) is difficult to detect because it is colourless and has no taste or smell.

    BBC: Husband welcomes carbon monoxide decision

  • Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas produced by the burning of fuels, including gas, oil, wood and coal.

    BBC: Fire service sees rise in carbon monoxide poisoning cases

  • Compared to them, Shipman seemed pathetic, a small, colourless man, with grey close-cropped hair and beard, and an unhealthy prison pallor.

    BBC: Shipman in the dock

  • Over a period of 10 years, she lived with low levels of Carbon Monoxide, and the colourless odourless gas slowly poisoned her.

    BBC: Gas body urges appliance checks in Cornwall

  • The RSPB called for PIB, a colourless, synthetic rubber which can be released legally under certain conditions, to be reclassified and discharges outlawed.

    BBC: Birds to be released in Dorset four weeks after oil rescue

  • "The thing about carbon monoxide poisoning is that the carbon monoxide itself is odourless, colourless, tasteless so it's a silent killer, " he said.

    BBC: Neil McFerran (l) and Aaron Davidson (r)

  • He could ask Britain to find somebody more exciting than Sir Alastair Goodlad, a worthy but colourless figure who heads its shortlist for Brussels.

    ECONOMIST: The challenge awaiting Romano Prodi

  • And, while he is popular among the Blair circle in London, some party members in Wales regard him as a sanctimonious and colourless opportunist.

    ECONOMIST: Welsh assembly

  • CFCs are a smuggler's dream: odourless and colourless, they can be used in everything from air-conditioners to foam, and their replacements never quite match up to them.

    ECONOMIST: Phew, the ozone layer may be saved

  • In his campaign for election, Israeli media made fun of him for his colourless, mild-mannered demeanour, and few believed he stood a chance against former Prime Minister Shimon Peres.

    BBC: Profile: Moshe Katsav

  • The world we see is full of them, but the world of physics, our ultimate arbiter on the nature of things, is made up strictly of colourless fields and particles.

    ECONOMIST: Science and history of colour

  • Sarin is a colourless and highly toxic nerve agent that can cause convulsions, paralysis and death within minutes if it is absorbed through inhalation, ingestion, or contact with skin or eyes.

    BBC: US has 'some confidence' Syria used chemical weapons

  • Life in England was, by comparison, a little colourless.

    FORBES: Connect

  • "It is a world record for a Golconda diamond and a world record price per carat for a colourless diamond, " Francois Curiel, director of the international jewellery department at Christie's, told reporters.

    BBC: 'Perfect' Archduke Joseph diamond sells for $21m

  • Joyce Bridgewater, from Camelford in Cornwall, suffered low-level CO poisoning by breathing the colourless odourless gas in her home over a period of 10 years and now has to use a wheelchair.

    BBC: Warning over rise in carbon monoxide fatalities

  • Tottenham, with former Pompey boss Harry Redknapp in charge and with one-time Fratton Park stars Jermain Defoe and Peter Crouch in their starting line-up, edged a colourless first 90 minutes before Grant's underdogs struck in the extra period.

    BBC: Tottenham 0-2 Portsmouth (aet)

  • RPR's founder, President Jacques Chirac, clearly wanted Mrs Alliot-Marie's opponent, a colourless senator called Jean-Paul Delevoye, to win the job, so that he would pose no threat if, as expected, the president bids for a second term in 2002.

    ECONOMIST: The French Gaullists’ new lady | The

  • They're mostly colourless, mid-ranking, shady businessmen.

    ECONOMIST: Running Bosnia

  • Last year, researchers from the San Francisco Medical Examiner's Department said in New Scientist magazine that it was regular doses of antimony potassium tartrate, or tartar emetic a poisonous colourless salt which was used to make him vomit, that killed him.


  • Could Dante have walked beside me across that dreadful place, which had been transformed by human agency from a peaceful countryside to a garbage heap, a cesspool, and a charnel-house combined, he would never have written his 'Inferno, ' because the hell of his imagination would have seemed colourless and tame.

    WSJ: Reflections on Champagne

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