• They put urgency behind it, and sometimes it doesn't uniquely comport with every word of an intelligence estimate.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • But the claim that consumers are shying away from Internet commerce and services does not comport with actual consumer behavior.

    FORBES: More Bad Ideas from the E.U.

  • Employees will turn up to work at predictable hours five days a week, and will comport themselves with greater formality than before.

    ECONOMIST: Business

  • And we -- it would be a quick option and it would comport with our desire to see him step down and remove himself from power.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • How can you accept the argument of the House managers that the president should be removed from office because his definition, which is the dictionary definition, does not comport with theirs?


  • Irreligious Americans sensibly take health to be a good goal in the absence of overwhelming spiritual concerns, although many varieties of nondogmatic spirituality comport well with a health-centered view of life.

    FORBES: Obama, Religious Liberty, And The Constitution

  • In one video, she discloses facts about the CIA operation in Benghazi that do not comport with the official report, raising questions about whether she knew and revealed confidential information.

    FORBES: Paula Broadwell's Internet Trail

  • The board is staffed by professional urban planners, representatives of the nature reserves authority and other statutory bodies who convene to determine whether building schemes comport with law and building regulations or not.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Obama's Jewish defenders

  • Bull's books are filled with fascinating facts about the times in which they are set: the social hierarchies, menus, food preparation, the way characters see these now-lost worlds, how they comport themselves, how they travel.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • In a democracy, however unwise as a matter of principle it may be to do so, government can implement some workable answers to such vast questions when they comport very closely and deeply with popular opinion.

    FORBES: Obama, Religious Liberty, And The Constitution

  • Those who did not have the modesty to be struck by such doubts tended to comport themselves as the collector now did: to ask for adjustments and improvements, to tell the limner that his hand and eye were faulty.

    NEWYORKER: The Limner

  • These missions may be all but impossible to accomplish, however, if we fail to insist that those who are "with us" in the war on terror actually comport themselves in that manner, across the board and not on a selective basis.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Hearing sddresses Saudi, Egyptian unreliability

  • Smart communities should become their own REITS: asset-backed smart domicile securities that comport, for example, with all those gated communities around the world where locally-produced energy can be amortized, quantified, and the carbon footprints micromanaged for cost savings and greater energy efficiency.

    FORBES: Johnson Controls Gets Smarter on Smart Buildings

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