• Burstein and Morgen spent seven days a week with the boxers, watching TV, playing videogames, cooking dinner.

    FORBES: Living Their Work

  • About 5, 500 years ago, some Phoenicians cooking dinner in the desert found that heat turned sand into glass.

    FORBES: No. 17: The Telescope

  • She says I remind her of Dad, and spending time with me and cooking dinner for me helps her remember.

    NPR: Inner Strength from Desperate Times

  • For example, for sedentary people, just cooking dinner could count as exercise and they need to build up to even walking, the researchers found.

    WSJ: Hard-Wired to Hate Exercise?

  • It also includes small touches, such as cross-ventilation and computer carrels in the kitchens to allow parents to help children with homework while they are cooking dinner.

    WSJ: A Shift in the South Bronx

  • So now my day would include not only taking my son to the dentist after school, but also taking him shopping, and then cooking dinner for eight.

    NPR: Mussels Made Easy

  • She worked 60-hour weeks and commuted three hours a day while parenting two small children, including a two-year-old who once grabbed her BlackBerry while she was cooking dinner and threw it across the room.

    FORBES: You're Under Too Much Job Stress, Especially If You're A Woman

  • In May, he'll take his meticulous approach across the country, cooking a dinner at the James Beard House in New York as part of the Lucky Rice Festival, which celebrates Asian cuisine.

    WSJ: Chef Sang Yoon | In My Kitchen

  • Ericsson speculated earlier this year about how this will play out in everyday life, where objects will have friends, post messages, follow other objects and engage in multi-dimensional dialogue, even cooking your dinner before you arrive home for the night.

    FORBES: Computers: The New Consumers?

  • Maybe it was wood smoke, maybe coal, perhaps bones or dung whatever fueled the cooking fire made its way into dinner.

    WSJ: Smoky Desserts: Smoke Signals

  • Open all day for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, expect classic British cooking with interesting twists such as Dover sole served with a cider sauce or Scottish mackerel with tomato sorbet.

    BBC: High-altitude dining in London

  • Family-style dinner is served at 7 most nights, there should be no cooking after 10 p.m. and music should be off after 11 p.m.

    WSJ: Occupy Movement's Version of the Odd Couple Unfolds in London

  • Then they will fish for their dinner before heading back to the resort, where the chef will lead cooking class on traditional Maldivian cuisine using the freshly acquired ingredients.

    FORBES: Great Food & Wine Event For Travelers Gets Even Better

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