• Pick a name out of your Microsoft Outlook contact list, and dash off a quick hello.

    FORBES: Career Management In 5 Minutes A Day

  • When you have to dash off to a meeting, you just go, without worrying about pulling out cords.

    FORBES: PC Innovation

  • Gilles got a call on his cell phone and had to dash off to greet a new batch of arrivals.

    FORBES: Reinventing a 50-Year-Old Brand: Lessons From Le Club Med

  • But that doesn't mean you shouldn't follow their example and dash off a couple of quatrains when the workday is done.

    FORBES: Why not a sonnet?

  • The first thing star forward Dirk Nowitzki did when the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA championship in June was dash off the court for a private cry.

    WSJ: Handling the Bawl: March Madness Turns Into the Crying Game

  • The Prince of Wales has every right - and even a duty - to dash off letters to government ministers demanding they do this, that and the other.

    BBC: Charles in charge?

  • McCain had hoped for an early vote on the measure so he could dash off to a fundraiser in Philadelphia but the Democrats who run the Senate refused to accommodate the GOP's presidential finalist.

    NPR: Budget Vote Draws Presidential Hopefuls to Senate

  • They all dash off in one direction and, after a bit of drama and crisis normally involving the "chuck wagon" being wrecked, they all stop as suddenly as they started and start chewing grass again.

    BBC: The currency stampede

  • The big player in the industry happens to be one our great grandparents used to depend on when they had to dash off a telegraph to folks overseas in the 19th century: Western Union ( WU).

    FORBES: Connect

  • Then you dash off to the airport.

    BBC: The business travel benefits of cloud computing

  • And, according to the book, those are considerable: He can dash off ad copy better than Madison Avenue professionals, design a Virginia home in the style of Monticello and Mount Vernon, command a television presence superior to Bill Clinton's and recall whole conversations almost verbatim years later.

    FORBES: Internet hype survives even when the dot-com doesn't.

  • Even when the murders of the innocent (and the guilty) are predictable, Mangold brings them off with a surprising wallop or a pleasing dash of perversity.

    NEWYORKER: Identity

  • Good tailoring, classic styling, quality material, mix-and-match colours, a dash of panache: just the tops and trousers and skirts, set off with a Claiborne scarf and a Claiborne leather tote, in which to stride down Fifth Avenue or into the halls of power.

    ECONOMIST: Liz Claiborne

  • Should he care to try, Mr Lamy will need all the finesse he can muster if he is to pull off the political trick of delivering radical reform without the appearance of it and more than a dash of Mr Prodi's sense of humour.

    ECONOMIST: Pascal Lamy, free-market Frenchman?

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