• This will force a change in strategy for those brave enough to invest in distressed assets.

    FORBES: Distressed Debt Investors Prefer Real Estate In 2011

  • And he's president of MHR Fund Management, a New York fund that specializes in distressed assets.

    FORBES: How Loral's boss got a sweet deal buying stocks.

  • Mr. Cecchi also expects more distressed assets, including bank loan sales, to hit the market in 2013.

    WSJ: European Lenders Revisit the Market

  • Meanwhile, major financial institutions with large real-estate exposures continue to collapse, feeding the pipeline of distressed assets.

    WSJ: Sales Pace Picks Up for Troubled European Property Assets

  • Although some funds have been venturing into Japanese property for years, these have mostly specialised in distressed assets.

    ECONOMIST: Japanese property

  • Goldman also used the global slump to expand abroad, especially in Asia, going on a shopping spree for distressed assets.

    FORBES: On The Cover/Top Stories

  • But the write-downs have continued, further pressuring capital as banks are forced to hold more in reserve against the distressed assets.

    FORBES: Begging Bankers

  • That might mean investing in distressed assets, or in properties with the potential to add substantial value through repurposing or refurbishment.

    WSJ: Europe's Top Property Fund Shows Taste for Risk

  • Though they knew they could buy the newly distressed assets for a song, they lacked the capital to finance the deals.

    FORBES: Emerging Market Gold

  • When the boom turned to bust, Beal Bank was in a perfect and healthy position to profit by buying distressed assets cheaply.

    FORBES: Billionaire Banker Targeting Big Banks Over Mortgages

  • Sadly for the telecoms firms, bottom-fishing for distressed assets rarely worked, and investors vetoed empire-building deals involving mature assets that yielded few cost synergies.

    ECONOMIST: Lessons from the telecoms bubble (1)

  • Such banks might be looking to sell assets rather than refinance them, which spells opportunities for private equity players and hedge funds hunting for distressed assets.

    FORBES: Banks to End 'Amend and Extend' in 2012

  • Emerging from this credit cycle, the strong will inevitably get stronger and the better banks will reap the benefits of buying distressed assets at bargain prices.

    FORBES: 8 Small Bank Stocks On Sale

  • During the recent downturn he has been much less active in real estate largely because banks and other lenders have been slower to sell distressed assets.

    WSJ: Equity Residential Cuts Deal to Buy 26.5% Archstone Stake

  • Both banks hope to raise capital from foreign investors for the new units, in return for giving them a portion of their business in these distressed assets.

    ECONOMIST: A curious proposal by one of Japan's biggest banks

  • Flexible mechanisms that facilitate innovation, as well as the orderly and transparent processing of distressed assets, the unwinding of government ownership, crisis resolution, consumer protection and insurance.

    FORBES: IBM Researchers on Markets -- Opacity is Profitable

  • The Korean authorities accepted early on that governments make poor asset managers, and that the more quickly distressed assets are disposed of, the lower the cost to the taxpayer.

    ECONOMIST: Lessons in dealing with duff loans

  • The main reason for Investor's resilience is that it entered the downturn flush with cash, giving it the means to support struggling subsidiaries and buy distressed assets at knock-down prices.

    ECONOMIST: The Wallenbergs

  • Money that had been raised to buy distressed assets was also switched into safer ones when it became clear that bargain properties were not coming to market in great numbers (of which more below).

    ECONOMIST: Prime numbers

  • Japan was almost completely lacking in U.S.-style self-correcting mechanisms--namely, the vulture investors, hedge funds, buyout giants and others who wait decades for a chance like this to pounce on distressed assets and help the entire system snap back.

    FORBES: Rewind

  • "What's happening in the last few months is that more are looking at cross-border opportunities, particularly in Europe, " where a number of good brands are struggling with liquidity problems or distressed assets, said Steve Lim, chief executive of J.

    WSJ: Korea Is Primed for M&A Deals

  • "A lot of people are still under the impression that distressed assets are what auctions are most appropriate for, and that's not true, " said Stacy Kirk Reich, president of Grand Estates Auction Company, which oversaw the sale of the property.

    WSJ: The House of The Year

  • Panmure Gordon analyst Sandy Chen also points out that, as prudent as HSBC has been with its investment banking business, it has made some opportunistic acquisitions of distressed assets in the past, most notably in the case of Household International in the United States.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Bankers feel obliged to advise clients against snapping up distressed securitised assets until the mortgage giants are put on a firmer footing, says one.

    ECONOMIST: American banks

  • But instead, as I first reported at Clusterstock, a bulk of that loan was used to buy distressed insurance assets for a steal of a price from Old Mutual.

    FORBES: Phil Falcone defends his 4G Wireless Plan

  • Gary Lewis, a distressed-assets expert who runs a financial website called scrantonisbroke.blogspot.com, wants the city to consider filing for bankruptcy, which would allow it to restructure its crippling debt and change its expensive labour contracts.

    ECONOMIST: Yet another American city struggles to stay solvent

  • The nationalisation comes after the European Commission blocked an earlier plan that would have seen the country's other large banks, Rabobank, ING and ABN Amro, contribute capital to a so-called "bad bank" to house SNS Reaal's distressed property assets.

    CNN: Netherlands nationalizes SNS Reaal

  • Allocation of assets to distressed debt will remain essentially unchanged from 2010, with distressed allocations exceeding 40% of assets under management for 27% of those surveyed.

    FORBES: Distressed Debt Investors Prefer Real Estate In 2011

  • Within months they had seized distressed borrowers' assets, sorted them into one of several companies formed by industry or location, and hired industry experts to manage them.

    ECONOMIST: Swedish banking

  • It is buying leasing assets, distressed debt and has also shown an interest in Long-Term Credit Bank.

    ECONOMIST: The leisurely revolutionary | The

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