• Divide and rule is the worried general's current policy for dealing with the mafia.

    ECONOMIST: Conflict in Kashmir

  • But none of this will necessarily stop Mr Milosevic from continuing skilfully to divide and rule.

    ECONOMIST: Can the Serbs get rid of Milosevic?

  • Many Arabs view its new constitution as the outcome of an American plot to divide and rule.

    ECONOMIST: Tentative steps down the road to democracy | The

  • China is brilliant at playing divide and rule among individual EU countries.

    ECONOMIST: Charlemagne

  • It's easy to see why the government would like to see its finance scrutiny functions split between different committees - divide and rule, perhaps.

    BBC: Activity? Yes...behind the scenes

  • And there will always be suspicious folk who believe something worse is happening: a deliberate attempt by Russia to divide and rule by stirring up conflict.

    ECONOMIST: The dark side of the Caucasus

  • Is the root of the problem in this troubled region, the continued pursuit by Moscow of a seventy-year old policy toward nationalities, that of divide and rule?

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • Instead, he follows a deliberate policy of divide and rule.

    ECONOMIST: Pleasing the voters

  • Fahmy Huwaydi, a widely syndicated columnist with close ties to the Brotherhood, dismisses the supposed split between Sunnis and Shias as part of a plot to divide and rule Muslims.

    ECONOMIST: Lebanon and regional diplomacy

  • The new head refused to listen to advice from experienced members of staff and had a "divide and rule" policy, dropping team meetings and - Mr A says - losing the respect of staff and pupils.

    BBC: Big payout for stressed teacher

  • That is what the trial starting in The Hague on Monday is for - to decide whether Mr Taylor is guilty of responsibility for atrocities, or whether, as he says, the whole affair is part of an attempt to divide and rule the people of West Africa.

    BBC: The case against Taylor

  • The dozen-odd forces, each loyal to individual commanders and politicians, were the divide-and-rule method by which the late Yasser Arafat, Mr Abbas's predecessor, held on to power.

    ECONOMIST: The Palestinian territories

  • And it is pursuing an overt agenda of divide-and-rule when it comes to reminding both its near neighbours and the big countries of western Europe of their dependence on imports of Russian gas.

    ECONOMIST: Russia and the West: In search of a Putin policy | The

  • In any event, the regime has long relied on divide-and-rule tactics.

    ECONOMIST: Revolt and repression in Syria

  • Plenty of Kashmiris think that India would rather divide the separatists and rule Kashmir as before than reach a real accord with the disgruntled populace.

    ECONOMIST: India

  • In the 20th, the divide-and-rule tactics of the Stalin era involved weakening resistance by splitting related groups and joining unrelated ones in shared administrative units.

    BBC: Karachay-Cherkessia profile

  • Decades of divide-and-rule tactics by the central government, which long denied basic citizenship to hundreds of thousands of Kurds, have exacerbated tribal, linguistic and religious divisions.

    ECONOMIST: The Kurds

  • Vietnam's fear is that it is being used as a test case in a divide-and-rule strategy intended to establish China's sovereignty claims over a much larger area.

    ECONOMIST: A rig too near

  • In the past Mr Ecclestone has handled the teams brilliantly, using divide-and-rule tactics to prevent any serious rebellion and to keep a large share of revenues for his firm.

    ECONOMIST: Can Formula One succeed without Bernie Ecclestone?

  • Critics of the government believe that its federal policy has more to do with divide-and-rule, and the allocation of national resources, than justice for the regions of the country.

    ECONOMIST: Ethiopia: Federal sham | The

  • Worse, several countries have connived in Russia's divide-and-rule approach notably Germany, which even under its new chancellor, Angela Merkel, has been far too keen on bilateral deals, such as the building of a new under-sea pipeline, heedless of the concerns of its nearest eastern neighbours.

    ECONOMIST: Russia and the West: In search of a Putin policy | The

  • Not only are they being pushed from pillar to post in Russia by a resurgent Vladimir Putin, keen to divide and (ultimately) rule upstream arrangements, the Europe Commission has launched a formal investigation into the Russian gas group for alleged market manipulation following raids on Gazprom offices last year.

    FORBES: Getting Tough With Gazprom Could Be Suicide For Europe

  • But almost all known groups of foragers divide men's and women's work the same way, which makes it likely that the same rule applied in the past, and for the same reasons men tend to be stronger and faster, and women are more likely to be occupied with childcare.

    ECONOMIST: Palaeoeconomics

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