• Peter's wife, Julie, remembers them as being very thin, very pale and dressed in leather.

    CNN: Grit on wry: A dinner with Elmore and Peter Leonard

  • Co-host Vin Diesel, dressed in a leather kilt, delighted the Edinburgh audience by singing Flower of Scotland.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Scotland | MTV awards rock Edinburgh

  • Michael, wearing sunglasses and dressed in black leather, came on stage in front of 80, 000 people to sing his 1990 hit Freedom.

    BBC: George Michael defends Olympics closing ceremony song

  • Mr. Loy, who was dressed in black leather, including gloves, created with his music a sense of chaos and domination, of a somber mood exploded by rage.

    WSJ: The Theremin Comes Into Its Own | By Jim Fusilli

  • Staffers dressed in everything from leather pants to business suits rush around looking overwhelmed with work.

    FORBES: Tea Time and Internet Time

  • Dressed in a black leather mini dress, the singer kicked off the show with a blaze of flames while she sang a brief a cappella version of her single Love on Top before launching into mega hit Crazy In Love.

    BBC: Beyonce

  • Winners be able to access to a special photo gallery of the sexy flame-haired spook, which are reported to be similar to those she took for the latest issue of Russian version of Maxim, where she posed dressed in lingerie and leather and holding a cocked revolver.

    FORBES: Anna Chapman, Russian Spy, Bets On New iPhone Poker App

  • But in a new interview with Playboy, McCain who I recently interviewed at SXSW and who was, I have to say, among the best-dressed (read: patent leather pumps) and heavily made-up conference attendees shot back at Palin.

    FORBES: Meghan McCain On Bristol Palin And Creating An (Intelligent) Name For Herself As A Famous Kid

  • The security camera footage shows Sierra eating alone in the food court of a shopping mall near the hostel where she was staying and walking around the mall, dressed in jeans, a brown leather jacket and a winter hat, her hands in her pockets.

    WSJ: Turkish police release footage of missing US woman

  • She was dressed in stylish business clothes black patent-leather high heels, a knee-length, copper-colored dress, and a short-waisted black jacket and looked more like a media executive than a food-industry chieftain.

    NEWYORKER: Snacks for a Fat Planet

  • Chelsea, dressed in a sleek black sheath dress and black patent leather pumps with four-inch spike heels, her blonde tresses framing her broad smile, seemed completely at home on stage.

    FORBES: Chelsea Clinton, on Stage

  • Dressed in a sleek black ensemble of straight-legged jeans, fitted leather jacket, short leather boots and patchwork scarf, Blume carried herself with the poise and confidence of someone who has spent decades in the public eye writing and talking about herself.

    CNN: At 75, Judy Blume draws crowds with first film adaptation

  • All kinds of people tough-looking men in black leather jackets, women in shapeless trenchcoats and head scarves, two girls dressed like Arabian princesses with gold coins on their foreheads were buying fish food from venders and hurling it into the pond by the fistful.

    NEWYORKER: The Sanctuary

  • Last May the city's entire political establishment was embarrassed when a birthday party honouring Jack Davis, who ran Mr Brown's campaign for mayor, featured a leather-clad sado-masochist carving a pentagram into the back of a scantily dressed man.

    ECONOMIST: City life

  • He was easily the best dressed student in the class, striped button down shirt and pleated slacks riding above a pair of conspicuously polished leather shoes.

    FORBES: The Culture Shock of India's Call Centers

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