• Unfortunately for lovers of dust and beautifully over-engineered gear, the room-sized recording console is dying out fast, replaced by software and small, neat, racks of pre-amps and analog summing mixers.

    ENGADGET: Music Thing: Frontier Alphatrack

  • The research team has discovered that it is much harder for her to feed close to the surface - a possible clue to why her kind is dying out.

    BBC: Sea lion test to probe declines

  • China's trade surplus with America remains large and controversial, but its current-account surplus with the rest of the world is dying out.

    ECONOMIST: Exports

  • Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink struck the winner in the dying minutes against 10-man Stoke at the weekend to haul themselves out of the Barclays Premier League relegation zone.

    BBC: Players support Brown - Bullard

  • They say that the police only confirm political activists or leaders as dying in targeted killings - whereas in reality many more die in attacks carried out against people of specific ethnicities by gunmen.

    BBC: Karachi political attacks kill 50, say rights groups

  • Starring the legendary lady killer and alien slayer, Duke Nukem Forever brings gamers back to a blastastic time when games were filled with head-popping, bone-rattling action, brazenly crude humor, impossibly statuesque women dying for affection, and catchy one-liners meant to make you laugh out loud.

    FORBES: Duke Nukem Forever, The Most Delayed Game In History, Is Finally Finished

  • At the outset Mr Padoa-Schioppa insisted that stringent measures were needed to rein in a budget deficit that had got out of hand in the dying months of Silvio Berlusconi's centre-right government.

    ECONOMIST: The budget passes, but more troubles loom ahead

  • Yet in the dying days of his relatively short eight-year papacy, Pope Benedict XVI has been putting out new coded phrases which, upon analysis, reveal the extent of his frustration at the administrative infighting he has had to endure among mainly Italian careerist clerics inside the Vatican.

    BBC: Decoding the Papacy: Benedict XVI's cryptic frustration

  • Instead, he ushers four wounded characters into a bombed-out convent, in 1944, and at a time when people are dying for the passports they carry or the race they represent allows them to interact without any of them caring or much noticing where the others are from.

    WSJ: Book Review: The English Patient | The Quiet American | Ghostwritten | Fugitive Pieces | Istanbul

  • That proved costly as in the dying moments of the first-half Forssell poached his team's second goal, prodding in from two yards out after Jerome rose clear at the near post to flick on Larsson's left-wing corner.

    BBC: Birmingham 3-0 Middlesbrough

  • Castres' commitment was rewarded in the dying moments when Tillous-Borde went over in the corner, however the score was purely academic as Northampton closed out the game to ensure they became the first English team to record a 100% pool record since Bath in 2002.

    BBC: Castres 12-23 Northampton

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