• Only at traffic intersections did he straighten himself, relax, and ease back into his seat.

    NEWYORKER: The Elephant

  • He says how quickly you ease back into a routine largely depends on the intensity of what you had been doing.

    WSJ: Restaurateur Scales Up to an Intense Routine

  • Jim Pivarnik, a professor of kinesiology at Michigan State, says setting a comeback schedule helps ease back into a workout routine safely.

    WSJ: Restaurateur Scales Up to an Intense Routine

  • Reynolds would like to see the legislation ease back in order to accomplish the original goals of financial regulation without handicapping the industry.

    FORBES: Loop Capital Isn't Afraid Of The Big Bad Banks, Muni Bonds

  • Last week led Deutsche Bank to ease back on its share price target for Starbucks based upon potential loss of coffee sales to McDonald's.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • They've put in a dozen individual changing and shower rooms for the more modest visitors, and a "Whisper Lounge" with fireplace and sweet treats to help clients ease back into reality, posttreatment.

    FORBES: The Pennsylvania Touch

  • All have seen their share prices ease back down over the past three weeks, after the storm spurred an impulse buy for investors figuring that all the damage in Louisiana and Mississippi would bring big business to the big home builders.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Ease back into it, right?

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • As we approach a new campaign season, it's also a great way to ease yourself back into the drama of democracy.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • In their view, a little help now will simply ease the transition back to a stable future, when the transfers will cease.

    WSJ: The Weekend Interview with Bernard Connolly: Why the Euro Crisis Isn't Over

  • Providing greater short-term liquidity might ease the taking back of assets on to banks' balance sheets and hence bring down interbank rates.

    ECONOMIST: CSI: credit crunch | The

  • In part, this will be to check on any monitoring equipment installed before the inspectors were forced to pull out four years ago, and in part to ease their way back into the job.

    ECONOMIST: The inspections begin

  • Recent years have seen Bowie at ease with both his back catalogue and performing new material, content to appear with acts he had inspired - including Suede's Brett Anderson and Placebo.

    BBC: NEWS | Entertainment | Bowie: Pop's most enduring star

  • Most managers ease their returning players back into the lineup, rest them when their teams have long road trips and then treat them as normal during the final days of spring training.

    WSJ: WBC players look to sustain success

  • Brett Hodgson added the conversion with ease but Wakefield hit back on the half-hour mark when Danny Brough found Jason Demetriou to his right and he sent Grix diving over in the right corner.

    BBC: Huddersfield 30-14 Wakefield

  • Heated seats can help ease creaking joints or lower back pain while en route.

    FORBES: Best New-Cars (And Features) For Senior Drivers

  • At scrum-half, Luke Burgess steps in as the Wallabies look to ease the outstanding Will Genia back into international rugby from the bench.

    BBC: Injury-hit Wallabies look vulnerable

  • In 2009, this newspaper reported that the control systems for the U.S. electric power grid had been hacked and secret openings created so that the attacker could get back in with ease.

    WSJ: Richard Clarke: China's Cyberassault on America

  • Ill at ease, they have reined back from revisiting it, apprehensive that, unchecked, their talking might deposit them eventually at the door to a concern better left alone the two years spent together under one roof, in her apartment in Toronto, as man and wife "Only on paper, I'll have you know, " she will point out again and again which had been an utter disaster.

    NPR: Somalia's Farah: Humanizing a Broken Place

  • Years of experience and the newly-found confidence that has surged through her since the 800 win enabled her to remain patient and ease her way forward on the back straight.

    CNN: Holmes wins 1,500m to take double

  • For some people that helps them, it helps them to shrug off the thing, the character, as if it's an overcoat, and have a laugh and joke around, and that gives them a sense of ease when they put the coat back on again.

    BBC: Transcript: Daniel Day-Lewis on The Andrew Marr Show

  • Efforts to ease Africa's official debts date back at least as far as 1987.

    ECONOMIST: Economics focus

  • Thunder began the second half well and scored two early tries to ease into the lead before Haven came back strongly.

    BBC: Gateshead 42-38 Whitehaven

  • If we had an open market for health care, the solution would not be to cut back on expensive injections to help ease pain for elderly people.

    FORBES: How Big Government Gave Us The Health Care Crisis

  • Fueling the growing confidence in stocks is a sense that the U.S. economy is healthy enough that recession isn't a concern but not so strong that the Federal Reserve will pull back on its aggressive measures to ease monetary policy.

    WSJ: Dow Closes Above 15000

  • More broadly, fueling the growing confidence in stocks is a sense that the U.S. economy is healthy enough that recession isn't a concern, but at the same time, not so strong that the Federal Reserve will pull back on its aggressive measures to ease monetary policy.

    WSJ: Dow Closes Above 15000

  • But most back surgeries--and back surgery devices--exist to ease pain, not save lives.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Nor does Bibi, a former prime minister who would like his old job back, have an obvious reason to ease Mr Sharon out of his predicament.

    ECONOMIST: Israel and Palestine

  • But countries nearly always resort to anti-dumping instead, suggesting that their real aim is not to ease the adjustment to freer trade but to bring back protection by the back door.

    ECONOMIST: Unfair protection

  • Sinclair, who has been called up to the England under-21 set-up, ran at ease down the left into the box before cutting back at the by-line for Joe Allen who was denied by the feet of Steele from close range.

    BBC: Swansea 1-0 Middlesbrough

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