• Mugging incessantly and stalking around in grimy rags, Lloyd broadly enacts Azdak's eloquent craziness in a series of satirical courtroom scenes.

    WSJ: Review: 'Caucasian Chalk Circle' jabs at injustice

  • He is young, eloquent, and a breath of fresh air.

    ECONOMIST: Lexington

  • The foreign minister is regarded as an eloquent messenger but not a member of his inner circle.

    ECONOMIST: Who really runs Pakistan?

  • Beneath the gush of his eloquent vocabulary incessantly burbled a subterranean effluence of inexhaustible mirth, a Gulf Stream of self-satisfied glee.

    NEWYORKER: Heirs

  • While Sharpton was a colorful and eloquent figure on the campaign trail -- often standing out at party debates -- he failed to win a state primary or caucus.

    CNN: Sharpton endorses Kerry

  • The President had a very eloquent challenge in the State of the Union, where he asked Congress to vote on specific measures that would actually have a tangible impact on reducing gun violence.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing by Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest

  • Her embodiment of such girlish emotions as curiosity-streaked ardor and such womanly ones as do-or-die willfulness enables her director, Zhang Yimou, to eschew melodramatic inflation while crafting a visually eloquent tribute to rural life.

    NEWYORKER: The Road Home

  • Gaffney : I'd like to clarify what you're in favor of, John, because on one hand, it seems as though you have made a pretty eloquent case for why an anti-satellite arms control regime would be an exercise in futility.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • Oz was a rare find: so eloquent and telegenic that people are often surprised to learn that he is a highly credentialled member of the medical establishment.

    NEWYORKER: The Operator

  • "We heard a powerful and eloquent silence, " said Chuck P.


  • He is an eloquent speaker and can win a debate.

    FORBES: The Biden Watch Begins

  • Standing in front of a collection of the trophies McLaren have won during their 40 years in F1, he made a composed, eloquent speech to the employees and described how he had still not fully come to terms with the magnitude of his achievement.

    BBC: Hamilton in McLaren career pledge

  • "Romney made a very, very eloquent defense of himself that had some outrage in it, " said Schneider.

    CNN: McCain, Romney spar before Super Tuesday

  • Although he was an eloquent advocate of human rights and a veteran of the French resistance, Mitterrand was criticized for working with pro-Nazi collaborators during World War II.

    CNN: France and the world honor Mitterrand

  • Howard Gleckman, one of my favorite tax and budget reporters, served as blogmaster and I still think that the TPC blog, Taxvox, is one of the best blogs on the web. (Many of the blog posts are also posted on Forbes on the Business in the Beltway blog.) Sometimes the amateurs (including me) contribute, but Howard has guaranteed a steady flow of eloquent commentary.

    FORBES: I bravely dive into the blogosphere

  • John Teeling, though a teetotaler, gives an eloquent explanation why.

    FORBES: What To Give The Man Who Has Everything? Why, A Cask Of Irish Whiskey To Be Collected In Five Years, Of Course

  • Its narrative structure is conventional the girl's trials and tribulations, the cynic with a soul who has lost faith in the world, and the eloquent, cold-blooded thug but within these confines the characters have a shape of their own and the dialogue is refreshingly sharp.

    ECONOMIST: French fiction

  • And although his speech was magnificent and eloquent, he boiled his message down to a nice little phrase when it came to how America would move forward.

    WHITEHOUSE: Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Phoenix Awards Dinner | The White House

  • One eloquent English teacher in Los Angeles recently called a radio show complaining that, after extensive study, she could not understand the ballot measures on grounds of syntax.

    ECONOMIST: California

  • What's left is two intensely likable people trying urgently, through very few words and a baker's dozen of eloquent songs, to come to terms with love they've lost and collaborate on the future.

    WSJ: Film Review

  • Not everyone has the skills to be a tamada: you have to be eloquent, funny and able to hold your drink.

    BBC: Discovering wine in Georgia

  • That would be a shame: He has been an eloquent advocate for the removal of trade barriers with Latin American countries.

    FORBES: People

  • For Australian speechifying, the historian Michael Fullilove has helpfully gathered together a collection of the best and most eloquent in Men and Women of Australia: Our Greatest Modern Speeches.

    BBC: Essential reading for new arrivals in Australia

  • "He was quite eloquent in saying that he didn't give a sh-t if people were scaring him, and he wasn't frightened, and he was going to stand his ground, " she said.


  • Instead, the expressions of delight on the faces of ordinary Afghans, and the tales of life under the rebarbative Taliban, have offered eloquent justification for calling the downfall of the regime a liberation.

    ECONOMIST: Gains in Afghanistan, losses in the battle of ideas

  • In 1868, John Stuart Mill made one of the most eloquent defenses of capital punishment, arguing that executing a murderer did not display a wanton disregard for life but, rather, proof of its value.

    NEWYORKER: Trial by Fire

  • Two new books meant for a popular audience lay out this geographic turn in eloquent and encyclopedic form, though with two different purposes: Robert D.

    NEWYORKER: Faces, Places, Spaces

  • The problem is that he is eloquent and talented, and some of what he says clearly provides a service we need.

    NEWYORKER: The Operator

  • In 1960 another eloquent young candidate, John Kennedy, was suspected of belonging to a church with some attitudes that looked suspiciously un-American: the Catholic Church.

    ECONOMIST: Barack Obama speaks about race

  • As the picture goes backward in time and then forward again, there are eloquent debates, much moral and physical anguish from Wilberforce, and a spirit of Christian resolve, attended, fortunately, by wit.

    NEWYORKER: Amazing Grace

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