• Iran views this as a U.S. attempt to basically complete or continue its encirclement of Iran.

    NPR: Al-Maliki Demands Timetable For Iraq Withdrawal

  • "The rest are now making attempts to break the encirclement and get out of Shali and make their way towards the mountains, " he said.

    BBC: Russian forces 'have made mistakes'

  • But our correspondent says that changed after India started developing the "strategic relationship" with the US, which raised fears of encirclement in the Chinese security establishment.

    BBC: China ire over India border visit

  • The first is Mr Kissinger's insight that Chinese strategists think like players of wei qi or Go, which means that, in the long term, they wish to avoid encirclement.

    ECONOMIST: America and China

  • He was made a Hero of Russia, the country's highest honorary title, for his actions in bringing his troops out of encirclement during fighting with separatists in Chechnya in 2000.

    BBC: Ingushetia profile

  • His use of various stratagems to deal with the threat of encirclement a very potent threat considering he was outnumbered perhaps three to one, even by conservative estimates are rather remarkable.

    FORBES: How Great a General was Alexander?

  • Pakistan fears encirclement by India and its ally.

    ECONOMIST: Pakistan and India

  • Although it is America's ally, Pakistan maintains links with the predominantly ethnic-Pushtun Taliban in Afghanistan, as a hedge against the day America leaves and a way to thwart a perceived Indian plan of strategic encirclement.

    ECONOMIST: Dealing with Pakistan

  • The dominant Los Angeles Times, for instance, now faces an encirclement of MediaNews dailies that range from the Long Beach Press-Telegram in the south, the Pasadena Star-News and San Gabriel Valley Tribune to the east and the Daily News to the north.

    FORBES: Where's Dean?

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