• They re-energise the language, and by doing so, they serve to quicken the reader's soul.

    ECONOMIST: The Irish poet's new collection is his best for years

  • Nevertheless, Nick Clegg set out to energise his Scottish party colleagues at their conference in Dundee.

    BBC: Nick Clegg

  • The goal seemed to energise Arsenal further and it was Liverpool who were beginning to look jaded.

    BBC: Liverpool 4-2 Arsenal (agg 5-3)

  • They focused on promoting the Church's recently launched Year of Faith - an initiative intended to re-energise Catholicism.

    BBC: Pope starts tweeting as @pontifex, blesses followers

  • However, the Reverend Peter Lewis, vicar of St Catherine's in Pontypridd, believes the report will re-energise the church.

    BBC: Mixed reaction to Church in Wales review

  • At Mr Blair's urging, he has also promised to energise the search for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

    ECONOMIST: Now it is America's moment in the Middle East

  • What it all amounts to is an attempt to re-energise France, and by extension, Europe's role in the Middle East.

    BBC: Sarkozy's plan: Showy or astute?

  • Nobody disagrees that the Congress direly needs all of this to energise its rank and file and improve its political prospects.

    BBC: Is Rahul Gandhi reluctant to become PM?

  • The centres also provided a space where weary people could rest and re-energise themselves before they move to the next destination.

    BBC: Pakistan's 'displaced deluge'

  • Instead, these dreamers and ingrates now blame Mr Blair's half-heartedness for reform's failure to transform and energise British democracy as advertised.

    ECONOMIST: The constitution bites back

  • In the 66th minute, Inverness tried to re-energise their team and brought on Roy McBain and Rory McAllister for Black and Barrowman.

    BBC: St Mirren 2-0 Inverness CT

  • "There is a tremendous opportunity to re-energise a wonderful brand and to re-establish Waterstone's at the hub of the UK book world, " he said.

    BBC: NEWS | Business | Founder in bid for Waterstone's

  • If they really wish to energise domestic savers, then they will have to take the very steps that foreign investors have long called for.

    ECONOMIST: The challenge from up north | The

  • "This is my life's work, and days like tomorrow energise us to do even better, " said the philanthropist, adding that he thought the talks were likely to be "very, very positive".

    BBC: Bill Gates upbeat ahead of global vaccination summit

  • Owning up to government's limits in this domain will not allow Mr Mandelson to escape blame if his attempts to energise British industry fail, or are seen to inflict avoidable pain.

    ECONOMIST: The white heat of Mandelson

  • President Clinton will bring the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, and his Palestinian counterpart, Yasser Arafat, together for talks in Oslo on Tuesday in an effort to re-energise the peace process.

    BBC: By the BBC's Richard Lister in Oslo

  • On the divisive social issues of abortion and gay marriage, both of which he opposes, Mr Bush kept his language and his principles simple, which will energise his conservative, evangelical Christian base.

    ECONOMIST: Another small step for Kerry? | The

  • His second and related plan is to energise atheists, whom he regards as being in the same situation as homosexuals were 50 years ago: stigmatised and unelectable to public office (in America, at least).

    ECONOMIST: Religion

  • Interim chief executive Sam Weihagen said the company was moving ahead with efforts to "re-energise our business and begin to rebuild profitability, reduce debt, and continue to provide a fantastic holiday experience for our customers".

    BBC: Thomas Cook

  • Moreover, if, as seems likely, Mr Howard's campaign continues to emphasise polarising issues, such as immigration, it could energise anti-Tory sentiment in the marginals, allowing Labour again to do much better in terms of seats than its national vote share.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • Analysts say Mr Gandhi's elevation and the speech will energise party workers ahead of more state elections this year and the general election in 2014, in which his party, seeking a third term in a row, will be facing tough odds.

    BBC: Will Rahul Gandhi walk the talk?

  • He said that spending on safer sex campaigns had "fallen dramatically" over the past 10 years and "we must challenge the assumptions some gay men make about HIV and re-energise gay communities to tackle a real and growing threat to their sexual health".

    BBC: HIV levels in gay men 'not falling'

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