• But the best exponent of Republican isolationism is surely the televisually expert Pat Buchanan.

    ECONOMIST: Suddenly, a pre-primary electability indicator

  • Amr Moussa, the secretary-general of the Arab League, is an arch-exponent of this conditioned response.

    ECONOMIST: Democracy in the Middle East

  • The greatest exponent of the niche approach, with more than 1m online subscribers, is the Wall Street Journal.

    ECONOMIST: Charging for newspapers online

  • We were lucky to fall in with Kote Koubanishvilli, perhaps the county's leading exponent of this form of satirical, political wordplay.

    BBC: To be in Tbilisi

  • Much depends on the administration's negotiating strategy, and in particular on Robert Rubin, the treasury secretary, who is its principal exponent.

    ECONOMIST: The fight to fund the Fund

  • But the actual increase in its atmospheric concentration is a low exponent.

    FORBES: Global Warming Flatliners

  • Likewise, the great exponent of Capitalism and Freedom had suffered numerous betrayals of his principles by Republicans, including those he personally advised.

    FORBES: Milton Friedman: An Open Book

  • There is a style of cricket required to succeed in these conditions and New Zealand is not a great exponent of this style.

    BBC: SPORT | Cricket | Inconsistency was our downfall

  • Another difference is pointed out by George Kelling, the Rutgers University academic who is the most influential exponent of the broken windows theory.

    ECONOMIST: Crime

  • Mr Foot had a sense of humour and could be a devastating exponent of mockery, but he was above all a polemicist and muck-raker.

    ECONOMIST: Obituary

  • But though Mr Robinson is not, perhaps, Belfast's most popular politician, he is beyond doubt the ablest exponent of the Protestant and unionist cause.

    ECONOMIST: Northern Ireland

  • As boxing legend Mohammed Ali demonstrated, dancing in the ring can help to win you fights and Calzaghe is an excellent exponent of the art.

    BBC: Weighing up Joe's dance chances

  • For this he has been taken to task by Terry Eagleton, a professor of English at Oxford University and a leading exponent of politically committed criticism.

    ECONOMIST: Contemporary-art criticism

  • Warhol was a leading exponent of the pop art movement that flourished in the 1960s, with images of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Campbell's soup cans among his most famous works.

    BBC: Andy Warhol portraits 'forgotten' for 30 years

  • Supachai is rated as Thailand's best-ever trade exponent.


  • By far the most famous exponent was a bushy-haired Serbian named Borislav Milojkowic, who went by the stage name Borra, King of the Pickpockets, and became a star of night clubs and circuses throughout Europe.

    NEWYORKER: A Pickpocket��s Tale

  • Such musings led him into further conflict with orthodox neo-Darwinians, led by an equally skilful writer in the shape of Richard Dawkins an Oxford man, and an exponent of effortless superiority if ever there was one.

    ECONOMIST: Stephen Jay Gould

  • Its greatest exponent is Yasuki Hiramatsu, born into a family of metalsmiths, who, through an annealing process, can twist a single length of gold or silver into a ring or necklace enchantingly resembling a minimalist bird's-nest.

    ECONOMIST: Contemporary jewellery

  • He is an exponent of what might be thought of as a Slow Foot movement, asserting that a sort of virtue is forged in the discipline of wearing exquisite, handmade shoes, even if they cramp the metatarsals.

    NEWYORKER: Sole Mate

  • An influential exponent of the first approach was Lester Thurow of the MIT's Sloan School of Management, who took as his reference point the median income in America where there is an equal number of people above and below the line and defined the American middle class as the group with incomes lying between 75% and 125% of the median.

    ECONOMIST: It��s a matter of definition

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