• However, without a natural way to untangle itself from the majoritarian knot in which we have become ensnarled, the system probably has to fray and fracture at the periphery and eventually break into pieces and fall away from the center before it will be possible to restore liberty, justice and prosperity for all.

    FORBES: The Myriad Infirmities of Democracy

  • When I fall asleep at night, I turn away from gazing at my husband beside me to gaze upon the faces of our children, in plain silver frames on our bedside table (that is, unless one of the three of them has decided to invade our bed, in which case I am gazing at their faces from far too close up).

    WSJ: Family Photos: Hide or Show?

  • He stood up well, didn't back away from it, but had to fall back on simply denying that many people would pay more.

    BBC: Romney takes all in Las Vegas?

  • The price of any asset may rise or fall, but unless value is added or taken away from the asset the real value of the asset remains unchanged.

    FORBES: The Unintended Consequences Of The Greatest Economic Experiment

  • Traders may want to stay away from the stock, as it may fall further due to end of the year selling by investors looking to write off losses.

    FORBES: What to Do With Groupon's Stock

  • So if house prices fall below the value of the mortgage, a householder can walk away from his debt.

    ECONOMIST: House prices

  • Like any prudent investor, China has been diversifying its holdings away from an asset class where prices are likely to fall.

    FORBES: Managing The Dragon's 2013 China Predictions

  • Also in California, she was charged last fall with driving on a suspended license after it was temporarily taken away from her following two hit-and-run cases where she was accused of leaving the scene without providing proper information.

    NPR: Actress Bynes Accused Of Bong Toss Out NYC Window

  • Some people may wonder why we in the Northern Hemisphere have our spring and summer when our planet is far away from the sun. (Equally confusing: our fall and winter come when we are near to the sun.) Shouldn't proximity to that nice warm ball of sunshine predict our seasons?

    NPR: Not All Seasons Are Created Equal

  • Washington needs to get out of the way and let housing fall to its proper level, so individuals might redirect what is limited capital away from hard assets.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • And they say that potentially they would have to walk away from 32 other agreements in the security arena because the cornerstone would fall out of that relationship.

    CNN: Jill Dougherty on Bush and Putin's meeting

  • That power has almost visibly started draining away as political leaders fall over each other in their unseemly rush to distance themselves from an increasingly toxic media empire.

    CNN: British politicians rightly close the door to Murdoch

  • Gold could fall if QE3 should eventually prop up the U.S. economy and investors start shying away from the metal, he said.

    FORBES: Gold's Recent Pullback Viewed As Correction; Buying Anticipated On Further Weakness

  • By just tapping Palin as his running mate, McCain set forth a new course for the party away from the usual suspects and ensuring that even if the Republican ticket loses this Fall, that Palin will remain a national figure and will automatically become the leading candidate for the Republican nomination in 2012.

    BBC: Republican Convention diary

  • The pain continued for Dalglish's men after the break when Reina was forced to palm away a stinging 20-yard effort from Charlie Adam, who had recovered from worrying fall in the first half.

    BBC: Blackpool 2-1 Liverpool

  • We know the dark abyss is there and the fall is steep, so we need some regenerative braking and clever maneuvering out of our current trajectory, away from the cliff.

    FORBES: Why POTUS should say no to Keystone

  • Both planets are "fluffy, " gaseous, Saturn-size worlds, where temperatures quickly rise and fall from balmy to near boiling, as the planets periodically swing close to their stars and then spin away in an elliptical minuet, the researchers reported.

    WSJ: Galaxy Hosts 100 Billion Planets, in New Estimate

  • The director of campaigns at the Howard League, Andrew Neilson, said a move away from a mandatory target system for police was likely to be the main reason for the third successive fall.

    BBC: Child arrests continue to fall, says Howard League

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