• There is a paradox surrounding Wales's position in the first-rank of internet movers and shakers, which he freely acknowledges.

    BBC: NEWS | Technology | Wikipedia founder takes on Google

  • The markets apparently regard me as a worse credit risk than the government of the world's eighth largest economy - largely because individuals have a sorrier history in general of repaying what they owe than the public sectors of first-rank developed economies.

    BBC: Who would you lend to �C Italy or Peston?

  • The appointment of Egemen Bagis, a sharp young English-speaker, as Turkey's first cabinet-rank EU negotiator suggests that Mr Erdogan may make a fresh effort to put the EU talks back on track.

    ECONOMIST: Turkey

  • Having risen once before to the rank of first-deputy prime minister, he was sacked in January 1996 when hostility to privatisation was at its zenith and Mr Yeltsin needed a scapegoat.

    ECONOMIST: The humbling of Chubais | The

  • The walkout won for the union the first 30-and-out retirement provision for rank-and-file workers, allowing full benefits after 30 years on the job no matter what the age.

    CNN: Former UAW President Leonard Woodcock dies

  • The bill paves the way for a referendum on changing the Westminster electoral system from first-past-the-post to the Alternative Vote (AV) system, whereby voters rank candidates in order of preference on the ballot paper.

    BBC: Parliamentary Voting System Bill part two

  • StatCounter presents its data as is, and even though other counts of world-wide Internet users generally rank China first, the company's reading suggests that China ranks 22nd in the world in Web usage.

    WSJ: Statistically Speaking: Browser Wars Escalate

  • "Truly the events at Newtown changed us all, " said Manchin, citing the Connecticut town where December's murders of 20 first-graders and six educators propelled gun control to the top rank of national issues.

    NPR: Boost For Background Checks: Senators Compromise

  • As is true for most of us who grew up in the latter half of the twentieth century, the first twenty-two years of my life seemed to revolve around an unending series of tests designed to rank me versus my peer group.

    FORBES: Who Sets Your Benchmarks?

  • First to identify the top-20 brands best at creating customer delight, and second, to see how brands rank in the categories in which they directly compete.

    FORBES: The Most Valuable Company in the World

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