• Any business school would flunk you in a minute for spending money on custom screws.

    FORBES: Nest Labs Brings Apple Magic To Thermostats

  • The headline of a recent article on Harvard Business Review: Marketers Flunk the Big Data Test.

    FORBES: Marketers Continue To Struggle With Big Data

  • Meanwhile, plenty of popular movies flunk the scientific literacy test. (See: 10 Films That Would Flunk Science Class).

    FORBES: Stars Vs. Science

  • Politicians, preachers, lawyers, bureaucrats and, one suspects, journalist-novelists like himself, also flunk his test of masculinity by engaging in namby-pamby occupations.

    ECONOMIST: Atlanta burnt again

  • But shadow Treasury Minster Chris Leslie warned ministers not to "flunk the test when they get into negotiations" with their EU counterparts.

    BBC: MPs reject proposed EU budget rise

  • So, no surprise that when we incarcerate teenagers of today in traditional classroom settings, they react with predictable disinterest and flunk their literacy tests.

    ECONOMIST: Will reading and writing remain important?

  • Asked at the start of the test, if would-be motorists flunk the questions it will count as one driving fault out of the maximum of 15 allowed before a fail.

    BBC: L-plate

  • Unfortunately, the continent's rulers are likely to flunk it.

    ECONOMIST: Europe's leadership

  • The Massachusetts Board of Education, for example, fearing most students would flunk, has voted to set low passing scores--just above failing--for a new test students must take to graduate from high school.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • More common are promising molecules that flunk clinical trials and so earn no return at all, or drugs that shine for a few months before being trounced by a better pill from a rival firm.

    ECONOMIST: Drug mergers

  • It would certainly flunk risk management.

    WSJ: 'Why Companies Aren't Getting the Employees They Need': The Author Follows Up

  • In the event, for all the nastiness, buck-passing and back-biting this mass of material exposes, it only reinforces Mr Pollard's conclusions: that the BBC's lines of accountability were deeply flawed and that members of its lavishly paid and top-heavy management saw it as their priority, in a crisis, to flunk responsibility rather than take it.

    BBC: Savile inquiry: Media reaction to BBC transcripts

  • Reynolds Tobacco (nyse: RJR - news - people ), Caterpillar (nyse: CAT - news - people ), Dow Chemical (nyse: DOW - news - people ), Cooper Industries (nyse: CBE - news - people ), Wells Fargo (nyse: WFC - news - people ) and Electronic Data Systems (nyse: EDS - news - people ), claims that more than two-thirds of existing plans at the biggest U.S. companies would flunk the new tests.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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