• But that generosity is possible in part because Linux itself and most of the programs Lindows offers are free for the asking elsewhere.

    FORBES: Doesn't Do Windows

  • But when it comes to credit, both religions act as though money can be had for the asking, savers be damned.

    FORBES: Monetarism and Keynesianism: Identical Sides of the Same Adolescent Coin

  • The votes he needs are there for the asking: folks who like Mr. Obama but have serious doubts about his leadership as president.

    WSJ: McGurn: The 'Likable' Barack Obama

  • But if a star can have a cellphone just for the asking, the brand they cling to may suggest they really like it.

    FORBES: Celebs Make A Statement With Cellphones

  • As for the Republicans, it is conventional wisdom that the nomination is there for the asking of George W. Bush, son of a president and newly re-elected as governor of Texas.

    ECONOMIST: The hopefuls line up, hands held out

  • After all, the electorate wouldn't be clamoring for change if everything were great, if easy credit remained there for the asking, stocks were hitting new all-time highs and speculators were still flipping Las Vegas condos.

    WSJ: How Obama Can Fix the Economy

  • Some (including mine) will give you so much extra time for the asking, some will let you stay into mid-afternoon for an extra twenty to fifty bucks, others will bill you for another night if you overstay check-out by five minutes.

    FORBES: How Lenient Are Hotels When It Comes To Checking Out Late?

  • "We need to be asking for votes in the most powerful way possible, which is to have people asking for the vote who are comfortable and look like and sound like the people that we're asking for the vote from, " Rove said.

    NPR: Rove: GOP Needs Candidates Who Reflect Diversity

  • Asking for the data, asking questions about the data, pushing for insights, and taking actions in response to those insights shows the rest of the company what role marketing analytics plays in decision making.

    FORBES: The Utilization Gap: Big Data's Biggest Challenge

  • Should a delegation travel from Wales to London to meet the Treasury and the Department for the Environment asking for a market rate for water transfers, I imagine the first response would be an examination of the financial transfers between England and Wales.

    BBC: Highly politicised liquid assets

  • The lawyers' clients are asking for the same thing our clients are asking for: global, seamless service.

    ECONOMIST: Strength in numbers

  • We recognize that the Federal Government does not have a monopoly on the best ideas, which is why we are working with organizations such as Civic Commons to help share technology for the public good and are asking the public for continuous input to help us improve how we manage taxpayer dollars.

    WHITEHOUSE: Share This Post

  • Merely five days after a listing flyer hit my mail box, the unit was already in contract for the full asking price.

    FORBES: Surprise! Some Cities Are Actually Experiencing Housing Shortages

  • Parveen, however, composed a couplet for the emperor asking him why he should want to enjoy a meal that was already tasted, and earned her release to return home.

    BBC: Orchha, a living medieval town

  • Kath started praying privately about Hen Dy Cwrdd and its future and after about a year she received a phone call from a deacon with responsibility for the chapel asking if they knew of anyone interested in taking it on.

    BBC: Historic Cefn Hengoed chapel set to re-open

  • He said he had written to the Queen asking for the the building to be "gifted back" to the community.

    BBC: Beds, Herts & Bucks

  • Lead commissioner Rob Sykes has written to the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) asking for the intervention to continue.

    BBC: Mansion House, Doncaster

  • On Thursday, the dissident group, which includes former Morgan Stanley president Robert Scott, published a second letter addressed to the board asking for the "immediate removal" of Purcell.

    FORBES: Morgan Stanley's Poison Pen Pals

  • Like those from a group of visiting tourists who sent a note into the kitchen asking for the recipe of the rare delicacy, mahue ki doobri, that she had made with mahua (a type of fragrant fruit used mainly for its medicinal properties).

    BBC: India's homemakers recruited as hotel chefs

  • With sales volumes down across Scotland, the majority of areas saw little or no change in the "reality gap", although both Edinburgh and East Lothian has bucked the trend, with the average property being sold for more than the asking price.

    BBC: For Sale sign

  • For now, the SEC is asking for a breakdown of those expenses, said people familiar with the agency's operations, but aren't necessarily telling firms they aren't allowed to charge investors for certain items so long as the firm has made the disclosures.

    WSJ: SEC Digging Into Fund Fees

  • After Beilein's Spiders lost 60-46 at home to Syracuse in the 2002 NIT, an opportunity beckoned in the Big East at West Virginia and Boeheim again went to bat for Beilein when the Mountaineers called asking for guidance.

    WSJ: Boeheim & Beilein a game within the game

  • Under the old rules, for example, FBI agents asking the FISA court for permission to use surveillance were required to identify suspected terrorists as agents of a specific nation.

    CNN: Balancing life and liberty

  • At the end of the game, the crowd were asking for the final whistle.

    BBC: Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger hails Samir Nasri display

  • Senator Lyndon Farnham from the Option C campaign has written to the treasury minister asking for the cash.

    BBC: Jersey referendum taxpayers' money request

  • It has written to the Home Secretary asking for the 14-day deadline to be extended to 42 days.

    BBC: Riot costs could 'decimate' police authorities' funds

  • He added he had been "very encouraged" by the response from David Cameron whom he said would be writing to the health commissioner asking for the funding model to be "rolled out across the country".

    BBC: Children's charity meets with David Cameron over grants

  • Last week, members of the Association of Flight Attendants handed out leaflets at large airports around the country, asking for the public's help in trying to convince Homeland Security and the TSA to change their minds.

    CNN: Letting knives on planes would be insane

  • In the aftermath of the SIFMA conference in New York last month, the CFTC will require LEIs, or LEI Lite (some interim identification standard), for swaps reporting by September while the G20 is asking for global participation in developing the global LEI standard and implementing it by March 2013, a somewhat slower schedule.

    FORBES: LEI -- Think Global, Register Local, Says CUSIP

  • The smartest home sellers know that holding out for a too-high price will result in a property that sits on the market for months and then, eventually sells for less than the asking price.

    FORBES: 5 Ways To Save On Real Estate Fees

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