• The foul water, released, went gurgling down the pipe, and at that moment Shelley was washed through with one of her hot flashes.

    NEWYORKER: Friendly Fire

  • But Mr Steele-Perkins said SLP would give land to South West Water which he said will allow it to expand the capacity of its foul water pumping station.

    BBC: Feniton flooding, November 2008

  • More economic development would produce the money to help clean the now foul water and air, but also provide access to better education, one of the best ways to assure more manageable birth rates.

    FORBES: The Green Movement's People Problem

  • Mr. SAWLIS: And it has to be high salty, brackish-type water, as opposed to our other friend, the house mosquito, which likes foul, stagnant water, high-polluted content.

    NPR: Unusual Breed of Mosquitoes Hits Dallas

  • Richard Berkley has had to contend with foul-smelling water around his home in Playhatch, near Reading.

    BBC: Thames Water says drainage system 'overwhelmed'

  • Plank's son Roger, 42, who serves as chief financial officer, keeps a reminder of those days on his desk: a small vial of foul-looking water with a thin layer of crude oil on the top.

    FORBES: Dry powder

  • Villagers in Kunming in Yunnan are unconvinced by official assurances that water from a "milk river" is safe for drinking and farming, They say that it is getting harder to cultivate watermelons with foul-tasting water, Xinhua reports.

    BBC: China media: Views on North Korea

  • It doesn't take much MTBE to impart a foul odor to drinking water, but still there is scant evidence that tiny amounts of MTBE pose a health risk.

    FORBES: Demonizing for Dollars

  • The environmental protection chief of Cangxian county in northern Hebei has quit after initially dismissing villagers' complaints over the deaths of around 700 chickens from drinking foul-smelling polluted underground "red water" in the region since last November, notes China Daily.

    BBC: China media: North Korea speculation

  • Despite being inundated with nearly 1, 000 complaints, the then South West Water Authority (SWWA) insisted the water was safe to drink and advised customers to disguise the "foul" taste by mixing it with orange juice to make it more palatable.

    BBC: Carole Cross

  • Initially, it is a soft, foul-smelling matter that floats on the ocean but through exposure to the sun and the salt water over years it turns into a smooth lump of compact rock which feels waxy and has a sweet smell.

    BBC: Rare whale vomit found on Morecambe beach

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