• He's garrulous, sounding like a laid-back professor when talking about technology and how it's facilitating creativity.

    WSJ: The Tech Investor Is With the Band: Roger McNamee and Moonalice

  • In second place: the death of garrulous TV pitchman star Billy Mays, who died at age 50.

    FORBES: Journalism

  • Engaging and garrulous, the 33-year veteran of the company had proven to be a perfectionist with raging ambition.

    FORBES: Pressing For Change

  • NDP, under an energetic but garrulous new leader, Jack Layton, had hopes of a breakthrough in this election.

    ECONOMIST: Canada's election

  • Glinty-eyed and garrulous, Bronfein grew up in Baltimore and studied accounting in college.

    FORBES: Drug Lord

  • He is 87 years old and sometimes sounds like a garrulous old timer reminiscing from a wicker chair on the porch.

    ECONOMIST: Bidder beware | The

  • The highly garrulous Kalra, 35, recalls getting regular dinner invitations to the houses of prospective business partners in Mumbai and New Delhi.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • " The garrulous Khurshid went on to say that "incidents do happen.

    WSJ: Brahma Chellaney: Beijing's Triumph of Coercive Diplomacy

  • Go's chief executive found herself alone at the front of the plane while journalists piled into the back to interview the garrulous Greek.

    FORBES: Proving Papa Wrong

  • The sixth series of the popular BBC One show began in October this year, making a star of garrulous runner-up Stuart Baggs "The Brand".

    BBC: The Apprentice: Stella English wins final

  • On a recent night the most garrulous of the trio, Josh Richman, 39, revs up for a party thrown by Sony to celebrate the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

    FORBES: The Star Catchers

  • One of the dog-walkers, the most garrulous and multifariously connected (he walked the Jack Russell and the corgis and the aging dachshund), spilled it all to Blondy, at last.

    NEWYORKER: Lucky Alan

  • With bombastic, garrulous music dedicated to their holy trinity of Led Zeppelin, the Who, and Beethoven, Black and Gass may send a generation of unsuspecting teens running to Liberace.

    NEWYORKER: Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny

  • Then, without warning, the suave cicerone becomes a garrulous rogue cabdriver, bearing you off on a series of sinister detours (out by the airport, and in the dead of night).

    NEWYORKER: Laureate of Terror

  • But by night he drank with writers and artists, whom he found to be witty and garrulous, yet fabulously untethered to almost any factual grounding in the way the world works.

    FORBES: Digital Rules: The Two Cultures

  • That's state GOP Chairman Chad Connelly, sunny and garrulous.

    WSJ: The Battle for South Carolina

  • Jeff Baena worked on the garrulous screenplay with Russell.

    NEWYORKER: I [Heart] Huckabees

  • That first morning I was the village's star attraction: Whole families had turned out to inspect me and watch my guide, Rajan Singh a garrulous local man with a sun-lined face haggle for vegetables, rice and flour in preparation for our foray into the high Himalayas.

    WSJ: Trekking the Har Ki Doon Trail in India's Himalayas

  • Three families, with only a few wagons and oxen as possessions, head West on the high desert in 1845, led by a garrulous but evasive tall-tale artist named Stephen Meek (Bruce Greenwood), who may or may not be taking them to a beautiful valley in Oregon.

    NEWYORKER: Meek's Cutoff

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