• Benin's francs have Olympic figures, to gear up for its participation in the 2008 games in Beijing.


  • As stores gear up for the crucial holiday shopping season, Sears seems stagnant.

    FORBES: Sears Still Drenched In Red Ink: Q3 Loss Wider Than Expected

  • Whether or not there is another Asian crisis, companies need to do as Ayala is doing: gear up for global competition.

    CNN: Asia's Memory Lapse

  • As you clean out your garage, get back from vacation or gear up for school in the fall, you might be doing some trading.

    FORBES: Trades And Swaps? IRS Gets A Piece (Really)

  • Sporting goods and musical instrument stores are also potentially headed for stronger business as students gear up for fall sports and new music classes, Schaefer said.

    FORBES: Back-to-school bonanza for private retailers?

  • As we gear up for a post-MDG world, we must also look to new ideas, new initiatives, and new leaders in the fight for gender equality.

    FORBES: Making Girls and Women a Priority Today and Every Day

  • As the presidential candidates gear up for next week's primaries and caucuses in Michigan, Nevada and South Carolina, many of their children are keeping busy as well.

    NPR: Candidates' Kids Find Ways to Reach Out

  • Having the right inventory and the right levels of that inventory is the holy grail for retailers, especially as they gear up for the holiday shopping frenzy.

    FORBES: Solving The Retail Inventory Problem

  • And both planned outages and unscheduled maintenance as American refineries gear up for higher demand in the spring and summer have put a crimp in supply, she said.

    CNN: U.S. gas prices jump nearly a quarter in two weeks

  • Living in the northeast, Philly to be exact, I always love feeling that cool, crisp fall air on a Sunday afternoon as my beloved Eagles gear up for battle.

    FORBES: Blitz Package: My One On One With The CMO Of The Philadelphia Eagles

  • When you really gear up for something, the letdown is that much starker (you get the feeling Jim Harbaugh would crash harder from a loss than his brother John would).

    FORBES: Post-Super Bowl Depression: A Sign You Need A Hobby

  • The campaign trail has been full of blue-collar imagery this week -- the candidates have been eating lunch with workers, stopping at gas stations and touring factories as they gear up for the next contests.

    CNN: Dems make appeal to blue-collar voters

  • Keith Clements, secretary of the Geneva-based Conference of European Churches, which groups over 100 Protestant and Orthodox religious groups, says his members must gear up for a sometimes difficult dialogue with Muslims of all stripes, from moderates to militants.

    ECONOMIST: An often vexed relationship

  • TUZLA, Bosnia Herzegovina (CNN) -- While the administration and Congress gear up for what promises to be a fierce debate on U.S. troop deployment in Bosnia, the city where the troops will begin their work is preparing for their arrival.

    CNN: Bosnian city gets ready for NATO peacekeepers

  • Public authorities have had nearly four years to gear themselves up for the act.

    ECONOMIST: Freedom of information

  • Asian governments and companies did much of it last year -- restraining credit, trimming corporate fat, lifting productivity -- to cool overheating economies and gear up enterprises for competition.


  • Nonetheless, Mr. Harper charges that academics like me, who are obsessed with high theory, cause "institutional inertia" in law schools and prevent the sort of evolution necessary to gear students up for the 21st-century legal market.

    WSJ: Book Review: The Lawyer Bubble

  • An idle gear, picked up for 45 cents on Canal Street, allowed him to make reverse carriages for right-to-left Arabic and Hebrew.

    ECONOMIST: Martin Tytell

  • But Hill must now gear his team up for their 35th straight season in the bottom tier of the Football League after a final in which his team struggled to cope at times with Stockport's superior passing and movement.

    BBC: Stockport 3-2 Rochdale

  • Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani on Friday expressed "deep shock and grief over the tragedy, " ordering his country's Civil Aviation Authority "to gear up all its resources for rescue operation, " state media reported.

    CNN: No survivors from Pakistan plane crash, official says

  • In a fleet of cars, they all made the journey to the weigh-in, where the usual shouts of "In-ger-land" were mixed in with good-humoured banter with some Kessler supporters, who'd dressed up in viking gear for the afternoon.

    BBC: man Robin Chipperfield on Froch-Watch

  • She loaded up on all that gear for her little brother, which is very sweet and generous.

    FORBES: The Lindsay Lohan Discount: Celebrities and Their Freebies

  • The unit's 2, 300 Marines will pack up their equipment and gear for the trip back to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, aboard the USS Nassau, USS Austin and USS Tortuga, McSweeney said.


  • That means rewarding them for shifting up a gear from making incremental improvements to their existing products, to coming up with radical innovations that rewrite the market rules.


  • An experimental pacemaker in testing that can be installed through a catheter without surgery could help open up new markets for heart gear in India, where there are few doctors trained to implant current pacemaker devices.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • No surprise that contract manufacturers for electronic gear have sprung up in Malaysia and China, where skill levels are high but labor costs only a fourth what it does in the U.S. GM's former parts-making subsidiary, Delphi, which opened its first plant in Mexico in 1978, now has 55 plants there.

    FORBES: Ghost cars, ghost brands

  • Derailleur gears have a front mech (short for front gear mechanism) to shift the chain between two or three chainrings and a rear mech (short for rear gear mechanism) with up to 10 sprockets.

    BBC: Sport

  • And Mr Kahneman cites studies that show how overoptimistic chief executives (as measured by the amount of stock they own) were more likely to gear up their balance-sheets and pay too much for acquisitions.

    ECONOMIST: Sometimes it helps if investors are gloomy

  • It was the cue for the Robins to move up a gear as Galea's sharp switch in direction and hand-off got them off the mark on seven minutes and handed Dobson an easy conversion.

    BBC: Hull KR 25-6 Leeds

  • You can start at AAC 64kbps through to 320kbps, or step things up a gear and go full PCM with the option for 44.1, 48, and 96kHz and bit depths of 16 or 24.

    ENGADGET: Zoom Q2HD Handy Video Recorder lets you stream and record on the move, we go hands-on

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