• That's not the message we want to get across - I'm fed up of it.

    BBC: First minister's questions

  • To have a chance of surviving in its current state, most economists say the eurozone needs growth and the only way it will get that - across the region - is through a weaker currency.

    BBC: US election: Four more years... of what?

  • Republicans get their desired across-the-board tax cut extension, albeit for at least two years.

    FORBES: Obama: 'This Is The Public Option All Over Again.'

  • One message that David Cameron and Nick Clegg supposedly want to get across with their mid-term review is that the coalition is about more than the economy.

    BBC: An economic mid-term review

  • And Phil mentioned unemployment, poverty, inequality, disaffection, lack of trust and I think the conversation has to be about - how do we get these guys and girls, to a lesser extent, across the continent - how do we get them enfranchised, both politically and economically?

    NPR: Violence In Europe Leaves People Fearful

  • The book-thrower just wanted to get his message across, and the streak-arranger just wanted publicity.

    FORBES: Two Ways to Get the President's Attention

  • "The image we want to get across is much more positive - yes, these are people who have fallen on hard times, usually because of a personal crisis, but they are not beyond hope, " said Ms Ghosh.

    BBC: homeless people

  • After an agreement was reached in February, the leader of North East Lincolnshire Council, Chris Shaw, said that as part of the deal patients on the south bank needing treatment at hospitals in Hull and East Yorkshire should get toll-free travel across the bridge.

    BBC: Hospital patients wait to cross Humber Bridge toll-free

  • To get his pro-business message across, Tony Blair has had to bang on and on in the faintly nauseating bizspeak he adopts for such occasions.

    ECONOMIST: Tony Blair��s business affair

  • Director of National Intelligence Michael McConnell revealed to the El Paso Times that the United States had caught Iraqi terrorists attempting to get into the country across its still-unfenced southern border.


  • So on a fine spring day - it's more fine tuning than anything else, though Carwyn Jones will hope his refreshed cabinet will get its message across with renewed vigour - and more success.

    BBC: RESHUFFLE! Well, sort of.

  • Organisers want 10, 000 schools, businesses and community groups across England to get involved in the month-long blitz.

    BBC: Huge litter pick gets under way

  • CBA, an association of 1, 700 Christian stores across America, holds a yearly get-together to show the latest goods the next one is the International Christian Retail Show, in Orlando on July 15th.

    ECONOMIST: Making money from believers

  • It means we will have the chance to put our case forward in a way in which we can actually be cross-questioned, get the arguments across and we'll get a fair hearing.

    BBC: King's Lynn incinerator to face government review

  • Instead of "springing" some grand plan on the public, he said he preferred to get on with devolving decision-making powers across a range of areas and disclosed that he was lobbying his cabinet colleagues to accelerate the process.

    BBC: UK Politics

  • Volkswagen and Audi have been most committed to diesel in the U.S. market, with Audi planning this year to stretch its Turbo Direct Injection clean-diesel option across most of its highest-volume models, and VW pushing to get diesel penetration of its Passat mid-sized sedan to around 25 percent.

    FORBES: New Cruze Isn't Your Father's Old GM Diesel -- Or The Volt

  • As early as the third minute Porto's goalkeeper Helton was scrambling across his line to get down a low left-footed Van Persie shot.

    BBC: SPORT | Football | Europe | Arsenal 2-0 FC Porto

  • It is hard for Microsoft to uncover cases of corporate piracy, much less to prosecute them, but the firm is hoping that a few well-publicised fines will get the message across.

    ECONOMIST: The politics of piracy

  • The gun itself is a little more than a pretext and a lot less than a symbol: it serves mostly to get her involved in the mysterious life of her across-the-street neighbor, Skippy (James LeGros), a scruffy, shifty-eyed young man who has a big crush on her.

    NEWYORKER: My New Gun

  • It said it had posted notices on crew locations at London airports, and used text messages and e-mails to get the strike ballot result across to members.

    BBC: BA wins High Court ban on cabin crew strikes

  • It takes a very good salesman with immense PR and a great deal of persuasive messaging to get the buy-in on taking those hair cuts across the board.

    FORBES: Dangerous Precedents And Implications For Greece's Extreme Politics

  • The duo got England to within 17 of their Duckworth-Lewis target when Swann fell to Dilhara Fernando, but their Nottinghamshire team-mate Ryan Sidebottom helped Broad get England across the winning line.

    BBC: Graeme Swann

  • For the rest, they look upon it from their terraces and their decking, they stroll a few hundred yards across it, and then they get in their off-road vehicles to drive on the road to the nearest town or city, where they sit in an office staring at a computer screen.

    BBC: A Point of View: In praise of wind turbines

  • But it would be really cool if we could get more cross-platform games that could be played seamlessly across all three platforms.

    FORBES: What To Expect From Windows 8 Consumer Preview

  • Barack Obama is more conscious that the Palestinians' failure to get a state is helping to spread anti-American poison across the Muslim world, making it harder for him to deal with Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.

    ECONOMIST: Israel and the world

  • Once deemed Google-worthy, new hires get bid on by managers across the company.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The disgust spread across the US. Right-wing groups tried to get the shows banned, the police filmed them looking for evidence of obscenity.

    BBC: News | Entertainment | The mystery of Marilyn Manson

  • We have built in performance benchmarks across the board to ensure that we get new products and services--customised to individual country needs--delivered more quickly and more simply than ever.

    ECONOMIST: World Bank reform

  • Benioff constantly relives his public performances (did he prep enough? make his message come across? get the audience right? did they laugh?)--and sometimes revisits and dissects the keynotes of others.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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