• O'Brien's Jamaica-headquartered company, Digicel Group, began offering cheap cell phone service recently in this Pacific hellhole.

    FORBES: Babble Rouser

  • He said he "wasn't too pleased" with his friend after he ended up in a "Moroccan hellhole".

    BBC: Raid 'mastermind' footage shown

  • Yet residents seem by and large to see the police as arbiters and protectors, and Watts bears little resemblance to the crime-ridden hellhole of 20 years ago.

    ECONOMIST: The great crime decline continues. No one is sure why

  • Six months later our forces were withdrawn, and the island remains a hellhole. n The President tried to appease North Korea into giving up its nuclear weapons program.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • For a nonchewer, nonsmoker, she looks upon the upstairs room allotted to her as a hellhole, smelly, the walls green from the spit of the chewers, the crannies stuffed with the plant's unchewed stems.

    NPR: Somalia's Farah: Humanizing a Broken Place

  • Though it now seems hard to believe, this pretty town was once known as 'the hellhole of the Pacific' - a magnet for convicts fleeing Australia, and whalers and sailors too drunk to return to sea.

    BBC: All at sea in New Zealand

  • Don't let Tom Bodett kid you: a room at the 'lowest price of any national chain' is not a good thing if you're checking into a voodoo hellhole where there's a good risk of something bad happening to you.

    FORBES: What Does It Take To Start A Hotel?

  • "It's basically a hellhole, " he said.


  • What constitutes a judicial hellhole?

    ECONOMIST: Tort reform

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