• Her party plans to field candidates in marginal federal constituencies, and she claims to have enough support to hold the balance of power in Canberra after the general election.

    ECONOMIST: Australia

  • When Spain became a democracy after General Franco's death in 1975, the Basques (and Catalans) got a big dose of autonomy and got even more this decade, when regional parties began to hold the balance of power in the parliament in Madrid.

    ECONOMIST: Spain and the Basques

  • By forging a united front, the Kurds will bolster their strength in the national assembly in Baghdad (where they may even hold the balance) and secure a key spot in Iraq's post-election constitutional debate.

    ECONOMIST: Iraq's Kurds

  • As I pointed out in the post, Apple, Microsoft and Cisco all have huge cash positions outside the country: each of them, in fact, hold the vast majority of their balance sheet cash in foreign accounts.

    FORBES: Revealed: How U.S. Companies Can Repatriate Cash Tax Free

  • However, Mr Paisley has predicted that the DUP will hold the balance of unionist power in the assembly and that his party will therefore have the power to block any such move.

    BBC: Trimble calls for large turnout in assembly poll

  • They want to keep on good terms with a party which, even in its diminished state, could yet hold the balance of power in 2015.

    ECONOMIST: The coalition��s performance

  • But his position requires him to hold the balance in his coalition between moderates, the ex-Communists and still-Communists.

    ECONOMIST: Reform may be finally becoming popular in Italy

  • Yet the drug-financed warlords who hold the balance of power are still rooted in the tribal system.

    ECONOMIST: Far more than two sides to the conflict

  • His hold on the job was in the balance at the start of 2007, after some poor results, but his stock has soared recently and several media sources have named him as a potential candidate for the post of Australia coach.

    CNN: White could be tempted by England

  • Of course, investment banks have a lot to lose in the credit crunch, not only in lost income from loans they are forced to hold on balance sheets, but from the fees they make to arrange new debt financings.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • More importantly, they may well hold the balance of power in the next Parliament.

    ECONOMIST: Liberal Democrats

  • Populist regional parties hold the balance of power in parliament.

    ECONOMIST: Should India��s tycoons speak up more about politics?

  • The common message among these extremist parties, which now appear to hold the balance of power in Athens, is that Greeks should take no more austerity-diktats from Brussels and Berlin.

    WSJ: Review & Outlook: The New Greek Extremism

  • True, he was helped by Mr Brown's often surreal efforts to ingratiate himself with the Lib Dem leader (his party could, after all, hold the balance of power in a hung parliament).

    ECONOMIST: The daily take

  • If it can keep up its momentum opinion polls suggest that a fifth of the voters already back it and if the right does not implode completely, it might hold the balance of power in a new parliament.

    ECONOMIST: Poland

  • Regulators say holding back a small amount of customer cash would decrease the amount of capital that firms would have to hold in reserve and compare the idea to a minimum account balance required by banks.

    WSJ: U.S. Sets Money-Market Plan

  • Lacking any Wall Street buyers for their mortgage loans, commercial banks are left to hold any mortgages they've made in the last few weeks on balance sheet, requiring funds and reserves against them.

    FORBES: The Fed Primes The Pump

  • It's a similar dynamic to what is happening with Wall Street banks that committed to fund leveraged buyouts, only to have trouble selling those loans in the syndicated loan market--they have to hold them on balance sheet until the credit markets come back to life.

    FORBES: The Fed Primes The Pump

  • The fact that most of them have a dismal record on human rights, and are exceedingly reluctant to hold genuine elections (or indeed any elections at all) has weighed light in the balance.

    ECONOMIST: America and the Arab world

  • Just as the cross-community Alliance holds the balance of power in Belfast City Council, across Northern Ireland as a whole those defining themselves as "Northern Irish" hold the balance, as explained elsewhere on this website.

    BBC: Balance of power held by Northern Irish

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