• Woolfolk agrees that once the risk aversion and safe-haven bid dissipate from the U.S. dollar then a bevy of negative factors will take hold of the greenback.

    FORBES: Outlook 2012: Can U.S. Dollar Bulls Keep Hold Of The Reins?

  • Second, he knew exactly what associations would be necessary to get people to cut their current anchored images of the 16th president and take hold of new ones.

    FORBES: Connect

  • None of them tried to stop the attack, and nobody tried to take hold of Stan when he turned away and walked off down the road.

    NEWYORKER: Something Like Happy

  • By deposing the Shah of Iran in 1979, the U.S. helped terrorist Shiites take hold of Iran.

    FORBES: Credit Obama for Leaving Iraq, But the U.S. Remains Over-Committed Abroad

  • In Central and Eastern Europe, where the concept of a benevolent state has yet to take hold after the fiasco of communism, corruption in business and public life is rife.

    ECONOMIST: Is Europe corrupt? | The

  • The timelessness, that sense of being out of the runnels of work, deadlines and completion obligations is slow to appear and it is difficult to take hold of.

    FORBES: Dumping My Mobile 3 - Rediscovering Timeless Moments

  • After the credit crisis set in and the healing aspects of deflation began to take hold, central banks rapidly expanded the supply of base money in an effort to quickly erode the purchasing power of their currencies and bring real estate prices higher.

    FORBES: Deflation Isn't The Enemy

  • It is absolutely predictable that the United States will find itself under ever greater assault in the form of lawfare as notions of the supremacy of transnational law take hold among elites, both here (notably, in the Supreme Court) and abroad.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Lawfare and Obama's transnationalist

  • Easy to say to Octavia: Stop bleating for love, love yourself, take hold of your own life.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • The mobile form factor drives a habit-inducing simplicity that will grab and take hold of more and more consumer spending.

    FORBES: Winners and Losers In The Last-Second Economy

  • And it means showing due determination to take hold of the country's public finances by collecting taxes and controlling spending.

    ECONOMIST: Collapse in Russia

  • "My own view is that the council should take hold of it and do it as the whole estate, " he said.

    BBC: Carlisle traders seek seagull problem solution

  • "We told them that if they didn't take hold of their customers' digital identities, someone else would, " says Jonathan Schwartz, Sun's chief strategist.

    FORBES: Where Everybody Knows Your Name

  • They were interested in the chancellor's decision to take hold of the big pile of interest payments sitting in the Bank as a result of its policy of quantitative easing.

    BBC: The Bank abandons a lot of hope

  • But you need to take hold of your future.

    FORBES: How To Pick And Stick To Career Goals

  • By and large, most economists I speak to think the Chancellor's decision to take hold of that big cash surplus sitting in the Bank of England's quantitative easing account is perfectly sensible.

    BBC: Why the Bank held off spending

  • Experts say al-Assad's regime is faltering after nearly two years of fending off the persistent rebellion, and a former high-ranking Israeli Intelligence official said Hezbollah probably wants to take hold of all the weapons it can before that happens.

    CNN: Iran, Syria warn of retribution for Israeli airstrike

  • But the truly creative and destructive forces of the cloud are also beginning to take hold on the customer side in the form of fresh thinking about what IT should be and what it can achieve, new products and services and business models made possible by and those freed-up IT dollars, and new ideas unlocked by those innovative approaches.

    FORBES: The Cloud Revolution and Creative Destruction

  • But what we can do is to be friends to Israel, honest in our assessments of what it's going to take, hold the Palestinians accountable for their end of the bargain, and move the process forward.


  • But Tatchio maintained that more of them are extending themselves in new ways all the time as the implications of the internal brand, and expectations of its practitioners, take hold.

    FORBES: Ford 'Insources' Escape Ads By Featuring Actual Employees

  • "You need a combination of circumstances that all have to mesh perfectly for this kind of event to take hold, " Schaffner said.

    CNN: Surviving a flesh-eating disease

  • Or in a couple of days to hold the numerous bilateral meetings which take place so effortlessly in the corridors of APEC summits.

    CNN: The End of APEC?

  • That all suggests Smith is undoubtedly right that we are at the perfect convergence for new types of loyalty programs to take hold to simultaneously provide better rewards to consumers, benefit businesses and create stronger ties of loyalty between the two.

    FORBES: Will 2013 Be The Year of Loyalty Programs?

  • As the overblown optimism wears off and the hopes of JK Rowling-like status evaporate, so the slough of despond will take a hold.

    FORBES: Self-Publishing's Place On The Hype Cycle

  • Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres urged Arafat to "take hold" of the situation, warning all the recent movement toward resuming peace talks could be lost if he does not.

    CNN: Palestinians reject Israeli ultimatum

  • From then until 1990, when peace of a sort began gradually to take hold, Jim Muir was caught up covering the fascinating and often horrendous twists and turns of a conflict whose many complex elements would erupt in ever-different and more startling ways as the local, regional and international powers slugged it out on Lebanese soil.

    BBC: Middle East Correspondent Jim Muir

  • This would guarantee that lifesaving cholera work can continue uninterrupted so the newly elected government will provide the leadership so Haiti can take advantage of a constellation of factors that hold potential for success.

    CNN: A chance for a prosperous, stable Haiti

  • There is a significant downside risk for oil prices if economic and financial market concerns become more widespread or take hold, regardless of the China oil support line.

    FORBES: Why China Won't Save Oil Prices

  • This down-to-earth girl that smelled good and wanted to be a nurse would take and hold one of his hands in both of hers to unfreeze him and make him look at her, and she would say that she cannot do it.

    NEWYORKER: Good People

  • "It's a great aircraft for us because of its short take off and landing capability, but they are not easy to get hold of because they are so popular, which is why we had to go to Canada, " Skybus chief executive Jeff Marston said.

    BBC: Skybus plane

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