• As the coalition forces slowly build up, the men train, horse around, and think obsessively about their girlfriends at home.

    NEWYORKER: Jarhead

  • As recently as the 1950s a character called Frank the Frame Burner drove his horse and cart around London collecting cast-off 19th-century gilt frames to melt down.

    FORBES: Features

  • Meanwhile Conwy Rotary Club are holding horse and carriage rides around the historic town on Saturday.

    BBC: Weekend 'open doors' at historic sites across Wales

  • Try walking around a horse's rear with your arm resting on his back without breaking stride--remember, we're taught to fear getting kicked.

    FORBES: Ballancing Act

  • Work has begun to restore the turf around the Osmington White Horse monument in Dorset.

    BBC: Osmington White Horse undergoes turf cutting

  • The island is a national historic site and has prohibited the use of cars for more than a century--the best way to get around is by bicycle or horse-drawn carriage.

    FORBES: Travel

  • Police are now investigating a golden cookie that turned up last week hanging on a red ribbon around the neck of a horse statue in front of the city's Leibniz University.

    WSJ: A Giant Gold Cookie Goes Missing, Sets Off Monster Investigation

  • But Mr Bozic says both numbers and breeding quality have since improved, although not enough for him to contemplate selling a horse to eager Germans and Americans hanging around his door, or sending a team to the Olympics.

    ECONOMIST: Horses with wings

  • Andrew Rosen generally spends the early-morning hours at home overseeing his own horse-breeding business he has around 40 thoroughbreds stabled in Kentucky and England.

    WSJ: A Homegrown Fashion Mogul

  • Had they been around today, Paul Revere and his horse would have wound up getting traded to the Marlins.

    WSJ: The 26 Things Pro Athletes Shouldn't Say: Jason Gay

  • The Queen revealed her interest in horse paintings as she showed the Sultan of Oman around a viewing of priceless British artworks.

    BBC: Queen tries hand at art curating on state visit to Oman

  • Ms Rees-Dykes said the horse was more stressed with the number of people around it as it was unable to protect or right itself.

    BBC: Horse Wesley rescued upside down in hole in Kinmel Bay

  • Since the world changed, there had not been much time to breed horses, so around here anything distinct from the American quarter horse or a common draft animal tended to stand out.

    NPR: Excerpt: 'World Made By Hand'

  • The Gangnam Style dance looks rather like trying to energetically ride a horse with your underpants on fire so I contemplate leaping around my hotel room in similar vein in an attempt to tire myself out and thus fall asleep before the early morning client meeting I have just flown nearly 9, 000 kilometres to attend.

    FORBES: North to the border, Gangnam-style.

  • In greyhound racing, dogs are lured around the track by a mechanical rabbit, but horse experts say the equine species isn't so easily motivated: "There is no way to teach a horse to chase a carrot, " said trainer Gary Contessa.

    WSJ: Kentucky Derby: Do Horse Races Really Need Jockeys?

  • To fit it to a horse you warm it up to soften it, and mould it around the animal's hoof.

    ECONOMIST: Veterinary technology

  • Oldham made up for his failure in the individual all-around final by taking silver in the men's pommel horse.

    BBC: GB trio win medals at the Youth Olympics

  • With an on-site equestrian center, horse-lovers can take a lesson in the school or go for a gallop around the estate.

    WSJ: Travel: Runaway Success

  • The agony of gymnast Naoya Tsukahara, whose hopes for an individual all-around medal were dashed last Wednesday when he inexplicably fell off the pommel horse, was obvious as he seemed to sleepwalk through his other events.

    CNN: ASIANOW - TIME Asia | The Agony of Defeat

  • Thirty-six by the time the Belmont Stakes rolls around next June and there's a chance maybe of horse racing's first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed.

    WSJ: Myriad factors lead to Triple Crown drought

  • When they get a quarter of the way around the track, you check to see if you're on the leading horse--and if you're not, you jump over to another one.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • She started competing in able-bodied riding at an early age, looping the reins around her good fingers and carrying two whips instead of one to help guide the horse and compensate for her lack of leg function.

    WSJ: Blade Runner Is on a Well-Trodden Path

  • Once launched, the virus is designed to install a Trojan horse or backdoor program, and allow investigators to record everything typed into that machine, thereby getting around encryption and passwords.

    CNN: Top Technology Stories for 2001

  • Around the same time, Steens Kiger, Littleton's prized stallion--the horse had sired 20 foals a year in his prime and was the most prominent privately owned Kiger--had a breeding accident during which an ornery mare kicked him in the privates.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • It was the wrapping around the present being presented to the country: the home stretch of the most intensely followed horse race in the country.

    NPR: Media Report Election With Restraint �� And A Wink

  • We drank endless bowls of strong black chai tea while huddling around the stove, and soon the chai was replaced with kymyz, a slightly alcoholic fermented horse milk.

    BBC: The way of the shepherd: Horse trekking through Kyrgyzstan

  • We never think to ask why a nineteen-year-old boy is so obsessed with a horse, or why the entire production is devoted to an animal, while ten million men are dying all around him.

    NEWYORKER: Battle Stations

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