• It looks like, you know, sort of a like a hunting lodge without the antlers, you know.

    NPR: Joe Henry Is a Still Driving Man

  • Beautifully evocative of a 19th-century hunting lodge, but the food is mediocre. l Circus -- 808 Lexington Ave.

    FORBES: Fact And Comment

  • So much so that he built a country house at his hunting lodge.

    UNESCO: Culture

  • But a great option for a first-timer is to hire a guide or visit a hunting lodge that offers room and board and experienced guides.

    BBC: Shooting a Thanksgiving dinner

  • The project's hunting lodge will be built here, and its main lodge and the 22 homes will be clustered at the Big Hole Ranch, 45 minutes away near Divide, Mont.

    FORBES: Home On The Ranch

  • Their offices are even reminiscent of a hunting lodge.

    FORBES: Two Celebrated Investors Want To Fix Their Funds--And Chesapeake Energy

  • But his first love remains his country home, a hunting lodge built during the 16th century for Henry VII and formerly the home of James Fowler, co-founder of decorating firm Colefax and Fowler.

    WSJ: 20 Odd Questions: Nicky Haslam

  • Alain Ducasse has opened a sumptuous hotel, L'Andana, here, in a 16th-century former hunting lodge of the grand duke of Tuscany, and there is a small but impressive echelon of destination restaurants--like Caino, in the medieval village of Montemerano, and Ristorante Bracali, in a former corner tobacco store near Massa Marittima--where local chefs are rising to Michelin stardom by (profoundly) rethinking local dishes.

    FORBES: The Other Tuscany

  • Chef Tyler Florence's hunting-lodge-ish restaurant Wayfare Tavern hands over its used cooking oil to a biodiesel company.

    WSJ: Journal Concierge: San Francisco

  • Last month I went to DeBeque, Colorado, and spent four days at the High Lonesome Ranch, a very high-end and well-run hunting and fishing lodge.

    FORBES: I Killed An Elk. Am I A Murderer?

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