• This scarecrow of a suit has, in course of time, become so complicated that no man alive knows what it means .

    FORBES: Beleaguered Barbie's Girl Fight Busts Mattel Profits

  • The tool operates as a cooperative development platform, which enables the team to have shared access in real time to objects, models, environments in course of development.

    FORBES: Bungie's Destiny Unveiled

  • It turns out the real need for verification lies elsewhere - namely, in establishing what Team Obama has given away with respect to missile defense in course of negotiating New START, and in the months since that treaty was signed.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Obama's contempt of Congress

  • Antiabortion activists following the case have focused particularly on questions about babies born alive in the course of induced abortions, renewing a campaign around the issue more than a decade after they secured a 2002 federal law that set out legal rights for infants delivered with signs of life in the course of an attempted abortion.

    WSJ: Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Gosnell Convicted of Murder

  • So when Lord Scarman was asked to "inquire urgently into the serious disorder" in Brixton in 1981, he was careful to insert a paragraph which said "the social conditions do not provide an excuse for disorder - all of those who in the course of the disorders in Brixton and elsewhere engaged in violence against the police were guilty of grave criminal offences".

    BBC: England riots: The return of the underclass

  • Police say Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, was killed in the course of the gunfight in the early hours of Friday 19 April.

    BBC: Boston man who watched terror shoot-out from his home

  • But Erbitux may also gain sales if doctors start using Erbitux earlier on in the course of the disease in those with normal version of the gene.

    FORBES: ImClone's Gene Test Battle

  • This pattern is evident in several other countries of concern mentioned in the course of this hearing.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Doing business with Iran

  • From the early closeup of turquoise toenails to the serene tableau of women, of every age and outline, showering and chatting after a swim, Polley shows that her real theme, her obsession, almost, is the body in time how it tenses and eases, whether in the course of decades or in a single, camera-encircled rondeau of sex.

    NEWYORKER: Tangled Webs

  • What you know in prose is often what you discover in the course of writing it, as in the best of conversations with a friend as if you and the reader do the discovering together.

    WSJ: Word Craft: Tracy Kidder and Richard Todd on Good Prose

  • In the course of its jihadist putsch in Gaza, Hamas took control not only of Fatah's US- and European-financed military arsenal and the CIA and MI-6 intelligence gathering equipment Fatah was lavished with.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Olmert's international coalition

  • And in the third part you will see the killing of innocent civilians in the course of soldiers going after a legitimate target.

    NEWYORKER: No Secrets

  • Nor was there any effort to ask the rest of the world what they think of the recommendations made (though, of course, that would come about in the course of lobbying for the proposed changes).

    CNN: ASIANOW - Asiaweek | Intelligence | The Week Ahead

  • The idea of Israel giving up the land it conquered in the course of successive wars waged against it in exchange for a genuine peace with the Arabs has been around at least since the last of those wars ended in 1973.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: The Saudi Charm Offensive

  • The focus is on acute care and life-saving therapies, but in the course of doing good we are stressing patients in all sorts of ways.

    FORBES: Could Being In The Hospital Make You Sick?

  • He wants us to inhabit the ordinariness of life, which is sometimes visionary (the Constable sketch), sometimes banal (the cup of tea, the Old Spice), and sometimes momentous (the death of a parent), but all of it perforce ordinary because it happens in the course of a life, and happens, in different forms, to everyone.

    NEWYORKER: Total Recall

  • Prosecutors must prove the defendants were involved in some kind of common criminal enterprise and, in the course of their actions, the individuals could have foreseen that one member of the group might kill or inflict serious harm.

    BBC: Is joint enterprise a 'lazy law'?

  • Two of the most sweeping scenes are an account of the German breakthrough at Sedan in 1940 and an escape by train across Russia at the very moment of the German invasion in the course of which David von Sunda's heir is born.

    ECONOMIST: New American fiction 3

  • And, of course, President Obama has bashed the industry in the course of vilifying Bain Capital, the firm started by his opponent, Mitt Romney.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • The ironic symbol of our defeat may be the takeover in due course of the immense new U.S. embassy in Baghdad by Iranians - this time by invited diplomats, not the hostage-taking "students" of 1979.


  • The editing was completed in the course of two semesters in graduate school.

    NEWYORKER: C. E. Morgan

  • The government has some goody to hand out, and in the course of doing so in an arbitrary way enriches a middleman.

    FORBES: Tax Doctors

  • Worries continue as many journalists complain of threats in the course of their work, said Hector Becerra of the Committee for Free Expression.

    CNN: U.S. legislators threaten aid cut to Honduras over deaths

  • His story is supported by lively anecdotes of the people and firms he meets on his travels, many of them in the course of making a documentary film.

    ECONOMIST: How to slay its demons

  • But in the course of one week in October, Uber was sued by taxi and limousine companies, and Chicago regulators sent citations and filed a class-action suit on behalf of passengers.

    WSJ: The Weekend Interview with Travis Kalanick: The Transportation Trustbuster

  • Late last year, a Florida judge ruled in favor of Lennar, saying Mr. Minkow had in the course of the suit destroyed evidence and lied to his own lawyers, and sanctioned Mr. Minkow.

    WSJ: Minkow to Plead Guilty in Lennar Insider-Trading Case

  • Lepor thinks it is impractical to suggest that a primary care physician who has 15 to 20 minutes to spend with a patient fully explain all the pros and cons of screening in the course of an annual physical.

    CNN: Let men decide on prostate screening, cancer society says

  • In the course of my time in the law I have seen many bad men, and I have heard evidence about many terrible crimes which have been committed, but I have heard no case more tragic nor more terrible than this one.

    BBC: NEWS | UK | Scotland | Glasgow and West | Lord Menzies sentence statement

  • The Senate investigation into how the SEC handled allegations of insider trading at Pequot Capital began last year, after a former staff investigator at the SEC, Gary Aguirre, said he had been fired for raising questions about the SEC's treatment of him in the course of his work.

    FORBES: SEC Official Retires As Report Blasts Performance

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