• Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service said they would soon be mounting an "intensive operation" to extinguish the remaining piles of smouldering compost.

    BBC: Beenham compost fire: Legal notice served on company

  • Incredible as it may seem, the statute that accomplished this singularly important feat known by its acronym as the USA PATRIOT Act is currently the object of an intensive wrecking operation on Capitol Hill.


  • In Nablus, too, the largest city in the northern West Bank, a similarly intensive search-and-arrest operation is under way following a terrorist attack on a kibbutz inside Israel.

    ECONOMIST: Taking a harder line

  • Following Luke's operation he was moved from the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) on 31 March.

    BBC: Luke Jenkins death partly due to 'low staffing' levels

  • It has led to deforestation in countries like Brazil, for instance, and, in countries belonging to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), intensive livestock production has become a major source of pollution.

    UNESCO: World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP)

  • After an emergency operation, Mr Cook spent a day in intensive care.

    BBC: High Court in Edinburgh

  • President Mwanawasa has undergone an operation to improve his breathing, and is in intensive care at the Percy military hospital.

    BBC: Zambia leader health probe urged

  • In explaining the stabilising purpose behind its proposed new co-operation with America, Japan has been able to strike up a more intensive discussion than hitherto on security issues with all its regional neighbours, and especially with China.

    ECONOMIST: Will East Asia keep its balance?

  • Ms Stevenson, who now lives on Australia's Gold Coast, told the inquest the operation had been a success and Hayley had been transferred to the hospital's paediatric intensive care unit, where she spent 17 days before being moved to a general ward.

    BBC: Hayley Fullerton

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