• Price controls, even if laboriously tweaked, inevitably produce inefficiencies, reduce supply and cause bad side-effects.

    ECONOMIST: Housing in New York City

  • Like many of Cox's exteriors even the newest ones the space was laboriously planned but looked seasoned and natural.

    WSJ: The Most Important Garden Designer You've Never Heard Of

  • Such conventions need unanimous approval from member states and have to be laboriously ratified by national parliaments.

    ECONOMIST: By the esoteric art of treaty revision

  • Xinhua compiles these into another laboriously titled bulletin, Proofs of Domestic Trends (A Digest of Online Public Sentiment).

    ECONOMIST: China's secret media

  • Once the fragments are sequenced, their relative positions on the genome must still be laboriously reconstructed by a computer.

    FORBES: Technology

  • This stretched-out calling card rolls laboriously to the finish line yet Dupieux saves his sharpest inspiration for a trick ending.

    NEWYORKER: Rubber

  • It's loaded with craplets software and offers many folks don't want and laboriously delete.

    WSJ: The Convertible PCs

  • Once the fragments are sequenced, their relative positions on the genome still must then be laboriously reconstructed by a computer.

    FORBES: Health

  • You have to either laboriously type in the whole title or type in a little and scroll through pages of titles.

    FORBES: Dear Apple, Please Take Over My Television

  • There is plenty of time for future Congresses to reverse what was so laboriously agreed to over the past few weeks.

    FORBES: Debt Deal Is A Blank Check

  • Squirrels, I now learn, devote every waking hour between October and May to rooting out the bulbs you laboriously interred in October.

    FORBES: Christopher Buckley: The Dirt On Dirt

  • Of course, most bands could never in a million years hope for the kind of deal Pearl Jam has laboriously worked out.

    NPR: Pearl Jam, Playing A Business Deal By Ear

  • Video provided to the court shows one of them, Peter Faulding, folding himself laboriously into an identical bag placed in a bathtub.


  • The hand-set chatons, or gold jewel settings, are held laboriously in place with minuscule blued screws, some smaller than a fly's eyeball.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Instead of laboriously comparing each incoming video frame with each stored target image, they could then search for all the targets at once.

    ECONOMIST: Optical recognition

  • The unemployment-insurance contribution, laboriously scaled back from 6.5% of gross pay to 2.8%, may soon rise, followed perhaps by the health contribution, now 14.9%.

    ECONOMIST: Germany's election

  • But it takes hundreds of thousands of pounds of the stuff to hold together even a small city--most of it laboriously buried beneath the streets.

    FORBES: The Trials Of Amory Houghton Jr.

  • This would signal the beginning of the collapse of the sanctions coalition against Iran that had been so laboriously assembled over the past several years.

    CNN: What if Israel bombs Iran?

  • But a peace accord laboriously reached in early 1996 was never put into effect, and the talks consequently broken off have not been formally resumed.

    ECONOMIST: Mexico��s southern sore

  • Last year marked the first annual Saluting Wares Improving Technology's Contribution to Humanity awards, also known by its laboriously contrived simpler name, the Switchies.

    ENGADGET: Switched On: The 2006 Switchies -- Home Products

  • He would slowly and laboriously puzzle out words, letter by letter.

    NEWYORKER: A Man of Letters

  • In general, though, with little nesting material around, the animals laboriously carried strands of paper over to the warmer spot, one or two at a time.

    ECONOMIST: ��and they may return the favour

  • Then, when the action potential has passed, the ions are laboriously pumped back to where they once were, so that the cell is primed to respond again.

    ECONOMIST: Andrew Huxley

  • You go to the table for your election district, sign in, and then wait while an election worker laboriously writes onto a paper form your voter identification information.

    FORBES: New York's New Voting System Is a Disaster

  • As a board member, better to let the bushels of shareholder lawsuits challenging FWPP wind their way laboriously through the courts and let outsiders tend to the dirty-work.

    FORBES: Aubrey's Gone Let's Sing A Song

  • The president has let it be known that he will step down if the conservatives block two bills, currently progressing laboriously through parliament, which seek to slash their powers.

    ECONOMIST: Iranian justice

  • Plus, the time she would have to work on new problems would be dramatically reduced as they laboriously worked through the math that someone else would solve using a PC.

    FORBES: Throw that slide rule away! Use Facebook, iPhone, iPad, Groupon tools!

  • E-mails, text messages, photographs and other files relating to a particular person can all be accessed quickly through the phone's contact list, without switching laboriously from one application to another.

    ECONOMIST: Face value

  • While cable was laboriously and expensively digging up Britain street by street, Sky was able to bring multichannel television to anyone, anywhere by means of a little dish and a cheap decoder.

    ECONOMIST: Digital television

  • This emphasis, Stuntz thinks, has led to the current mess, where accused criminals get laboriously articulated protection against procedural errors and no protection at all against outrageous and obvious violations of simple justice.

    NEWYORKER: The Caging of America

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