• And part of it will be met with huge landing craft that ride on air cushions.

    FORBES: Marines Fight For Crucial Vehicle As Budget Cuts Loom

  • NASA, America's space agency, is carrying out before sending a series of unmanned landing craft there.

    ECONOMIST: A drought on Mars

  • Military tunnels, built manually by soldiers and once used to transport landing craft, have become an attraction for strolling tourists.

    BBC: Where the wild things are in Taiwan

  • McCain held a roundtable event at a facility where pontoon bridges and Marine landing craft are readied for service.

    NPR: Reports from McCain, Romney, Giuliani Camps in Fla.

  • With the Viking missions in the 1970s which included two orbiting probes and two landing craft areologists got more details of Martian topography.

    ECONOMIST: Martian chronicles

  • You can begin and end the paddling trip from Shute Harbour, or book transport with Scamper, the landing craft, to or from any island campsite.

    BBC: Kayaking Australia��s Whitsunday Islands

  • And it's a landing craft, so it's designed to bring Marines from the ship onto the beach and go inland maybe a mile or two.

    NPR: Looking at Armored Troop Transports in Iraq

  • Lasers beamed from landing craft could, he says, power rovers in sunless areas of the moon or Mars, such as craters where water might be found.

    ECONOMIST: Monitor

  • Western military analysts have noted Russia's use of destroyers and landing craft from the Black Sea and Northern Fleets to back up its feeble Baltic-based naval forces.

    ECONOMIST: NATO and Russia

  • The risk for them probably does not lie in the specific allegations about fund-raising, which these days bounce off voters like water off a landing craft's propellers.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • Two months ago, at the Texas State Fair, inventor Paul Moller displayed his Skycar, a vertical takeoff-and-landing craft with a cockpit seating four and four nacelles that house eight rotary engines.

    FORBES: They Almost Changed the World

  • Its only other lifeline is the possibility that it may secure a portion of work on 30 new British Royal Navy warships, a new generation of aircraft carriers, type 45 frigates and combatant landing craft.

    BBC: Shipyard workers hold mass meeting

  • Different reports give differing numbers, but from what I can gather the following ships are involved: the destroyer Admiral Chabanenko, the frigates Yaroslav Mudry and Smetlivy, and three large landing craft carrying a contingent of marines.

    FORBES: The Russians Are Sending Ships to Syria (Again)

  • What makes the entire situation even more bizarre is that most of the ships involved (the Admiral Chabanenko and the three landing craft) will take several months to reach Syria since they are leaving from Severomorsk.

    FORBES: The Russians Are Sending Ships to Syria (Again)

  • Had the allies of World War II been prepared with a sufficient number of so pedestrian a thing as landing craft, the war might have been cheated of a year and a half and many millions of lives.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center for Security Policy | Memo to the President: Your Legacy Must Be to Restore America��s Military

  • It depends on hypersonic gliding maneuvers, the largest supersonic parachute ever deployed, eight hydrazine rocket engines firing in sequence and an elaborate system of tethers called a "sky crane" that are meant to lower the landing craft gently to the ground.

    WSJ: NASA's Robot Lab Curiosity Nears Mars

  • It is worth noting that the landing craft in question, while they have not been named in any of the reporting, are very clearly not the landing craft from the Black Sea fleet that were at the center of the controversy in late June but totally different ships from the Northern Fleet.

    FORBES: The Russians Are Sending Ships to Syria (Again)

  • The Moscow talks coincided with the deployment of a Soyuz craft to ferry a new crew to the ISS. The existing crew - two Americans and a Russian - had a dramatic re-entry that took their craft more than 400 kilometres (250 miles) beyond its intended landing site.

    BBC: Mars rover (Nasa)

  • For instance, HMS Albion is Britain's first Landing Platform Dock, designed to sit in the waters off troubled states and despatch fast amphibious craft around its theatre of operations.

    ECONOMIST: Britain's military power

  • The craft itself may not survive this, but it gives the project's engineers a chance to practise landing a spacecraft remotely on a relatively small target with a gravitational field that varies immensely from one place to another.


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