• New show "Partners" (6.5 million, 2.4) was down 29 percent from its lead-in.

    CNN: 'Revolution' crushes 'Hawaii,' 'Dancing' ratings dive

  • Last week, the newsmagazine drew nearly 8 million viewers in the slot, a respectable Leno lead-in on an otherwise little-watched night.

    FORBES: Hollywood

  • His prime time series' unimpressive ratings provided a weak lead-in for O'Brien.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • That gives one full season of lead-in to the big screen depiction.

    FORBES: How Warner Bros Could Reboot Batman - Part 1

  • The report starts with a dramatic lead-in, "It's a secret world, much of which we can't film, " before introducing us to the Zumba phone.

    ENGADGET: Zumba Phone: the Steorn Orbo of cellphones?

  • Sure, MTV brass will argue that it lacked the lead-in of 7 million-plus that a new episode of Jersey Shore had offered the series a week earlier.

    FORBES: MTV's Controversial Series 'Skins' Takes (Another) Worrisome Hit

  • The Ashton Kutcher comedy was an exception to the downward trend, climbing 6 percent this week despite its "Big Bang" lead-in getting a bit softer in the adult demo.

    CNN: '30 Rock' premiere rating lower than 'Community'

  • That pushes Deal or No Deal to Fridays, where it should serve as a strong lead-in for Friday Night Lights, a show Silverman calls "efficient" (that's Hollywood speak for cheap).

    FORBES: Silverman Sends A Message

  • The show, which has seen its recent ratings skyrocket care of its spring lead-in American Idol, is now a pop culture phenomenon, complete with chart-topping music and a hotly anticipated concert tour.


  • Thus the extended advance lead-in marketing is partially a product of the attempt to mitigate bad buzz that can hamper the ability of mediocre and bad films to at least break even.

    FORBES: How Hollywood Is Overhyping Its Movies

  • "We do not see how the BBC World Service can plan properly how to reflect its new priorities, pursue its new objectives or shape its output... given the short lead-in time, " the report said.

    BBC: World Service budget uncertainty 'unacceptable'

  • In a fitting lead-in to the July 4th holiday, Continental Resources Chairman and CEO Harold Hamm was one of the biggest billionaire winners on Tuesday after publicly backing a different kind of American independence.

    FORBES: Billionaire Harold Hamm Made News, Money Tuesday Backing American Independence

  • Seth Setrakian, co-head of equities at First New York Securities, thinks Tuesday could turn out to be the biggest day of the quarter for the market, in part thanks to the lead-in of the previous two sessions.

    FORBES: Goldman Sachs, Coca-Cola And Bernanke: Why Tuesday May Be Q3's Most Important Day

  • Another common rumor has the device able to connect to 4G LTE networks possibly a lead-in to the iPhone 5, which is also expected to be an LTE device when it comes out sometime later this year.

    WSJ: Clues to Apple's Post-Jobs Direction in iPad Event

  • In their bid to simplify loading 35mm film, Kodak, Fuji and other photographic firms squared off the 35mm roll's lead-in tab so a modern SLR's motor-driven loading mechanism could grab the film's sprocket holes and wind it automatically onto the take-up spool.

    ECONOMIST: A die-hard analog photographer goes digital

  • This lead-in should tell you something as a starting point almost none of the people I started with at my first firm still work there, and none of the people I knew at W and C still work at either place.

    FORBES: What's It Like To Work At An Ultra Elite Law Firm?

  • Look, I think this is a good example and a good lead-in to Thursday, and that is there's a willingness for members to put aside partisan games and to move ahead with what we know is important for the American people and for the growth and the stabilization of our economy.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • For Israel, the best case scenario in the age of a nuclear-armed mullocracy would involve continuous war with Iranian proxies - sort of expanded versions of the Second Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead - in which it has little option for victory because the terror armies would fight under Iran's nuclear umbrella.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Israel's Arab cheerleaders

  • When it comes to new series, media buyers are forced to rely on differentiators like night of the week (Thursday nights, for instance, are more desirable than Friday nights, and are thus more expensive), expected demographic (shows that skew younger tend to be more attractive) and the newcomer's lead-in show (or shows, in the case of a programming block like Fox's Sunday-night animation domination).


  • Playing her first tournament since injuring her ankle at January's Australian Open, Na let both a 5-1 lead in the first set -- and then a 6-1 lead in the tie break -- slip before dismissing the 19-year-old who had knocked out Caroline Wozniacki and Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova.

    CNN: Serena survives scare to make Miami quarters

  • Week-by-week, the tracking poll shows remarkable stability: an 18-point Clinton lead in the first week of September, a 17-point lead in the second week, and 16-point leads in the third and fourth weeks.

    CNN: About the Tracking Polls

  • The Knicks scored 64 first-half points in a rout of the Pistons on Nov. 25 and jumped to a 16-2 lead in a 102-87 victory in London last month.

    WSJ: Chandler has 20 boards again, Knicks rout Pistons

  • The 26-year-old Finn was the Bruins' starter when they blew a 3-0 lead in the 2010 East semifinals against Philadelphia, giving up a 3-0 lead in Game 7 as the Flyers advanced.

    WSJ: Bruins eliminate Rangers with 3-1 win in Game 5

  • The Penguins beat the Islanders 4-0 in Game 5 to take a 3-2 lead in the best-of-seven series.

    NPR: Penguins Drop Islanders 4-0 To Regain Series Lead

  • His tally was an overtime winner in a 4-3 victory over the Flyers, giving New Jersey a 3-1 lead in a second-round series the Devils eventually won in five games.

    WSJ: Devils bring back Ponikarovsky in deal with Jets

  • Robinson scored 34 points, and Chicago wiped out a 14-point deficit late in regulation and beat the Brooklyn Nets 142-134 in triple overtime Saturday to take a 3-1 lead in the first-round playoff series.

    WSJ: Robinson surge leads Bulls past Nets in triple OT

  • If we had done a regular poll over those four days, we would have shown a 16-point lead -- almost identical to the 15-point lead in an ordinary (non-tracking) ABC poll conducted on those same days.

    CNN: About the Tracking Polls

  • Iona is hoping for some redemption after the Gaels wasted a 25-point lead in a first-round loss to BYU in last year's NCAAs.

    WSJ: Iona beats Manhattan to win MAAC tournament title

  • With Thomas recovering from hip surgery, Rask was in net when the Bruins became just the third NHL team to squander a 3-0 lead in a best-of-seven series, losing to the Philadelphia Flyers in 2010.

    WSJ: The NHL's Most Mysterious Man

  • Although Djokovic went into the match with a 10-7 lead in head-to-heads, Murray had beaten Djokovic five out of eight times in tiebreakers, and that improved to six of nine after four unforced errors by Djokovic to end the first set.

    NPR: Djokovic Beats Murray For 3rd Straight Aust. Title

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