• One muscular dystrophy patient, Steve Ledbrook, described his local region, the south west, as a "desert" for treatment.


  • They won the election, the local region lost a major developing industry and the world lost perhaps the most developed example of sustainable harvesting.

    ECONOMIST: Fact or fission

  • Africa could act as a crucial base for Wal-Mart to target other local countries in the region.

    FORBES: Wal-Mart Takes On Africa With Massmart

  • Ofsted said that some local authorities within the region performed better than others.

    BBC: England

  • The Gypsy and Traveller Sites Further Consultation Paper is part of East Riding of Yorkshire Council's local plan for the region.

    BBC: East Riding traveller sites consultation launched

  • The force works with local authorities in the region and external organisations.

    BBC: England

  • Spanning from California to Texas, and focusing, thanks to Pyles, on the latter, it the movement was motivated by using local ingredients and drawing on the region's diverse culinary influences to showcase what true local tucker involves.

    BBC: Central Texas cuisine raises the steaks

  • Dean Obeidallah, founder of the New York Arab-American Comedy Festival and a stand-up comedian who conducts workshops in the Middle East, said he has witnessed an explosion in the number of local comics in the region.

    CNN: Iran's cartoonists find new lines of expression

  • The comments have local politicians looking to state legislators for some sort of guarantee program, says Buck Landry, a managing director at Morgan Keegan, a Memphis investment bank that dominates the market for underwriting tax-exempt municipal and local bonds in the region.

    FORBES: Party's Over

  • "No project received a larger investment from our Olympic and Paralympic legacy fund and I'm confident this facility will be a source of pride for the region where local people will be inspired to develop a sporting habit for life, " he said.

    BBC: Derby velodrome work set to start

  • Mr Fitzgibbon said that the Greens were on course to beat the British National Party to a European seat in the North West, arguing that the BNP had been shedding local councillors in the region since 2004 while the Greens had gained.

    BBC: Greens confident of gaining MEPs

  • So I helped work with local churches in the region to -- and public school officials to get state funding for dropout prevention programs, and brought together African American and Latino leaders to help set up after-school programs -- because when we help keep kids off the street, when we give them a productive way to spend their time, then graduation rates go up.

    WHITEHOUSE: Helping America Become a ��Grad Nation��

  • However, buying exclusively within a specific geographic region impoverishes the local economy.

    FORBES: Is There A Moral Case for "Buy American"?

  • An emergency task group of the Brazilian National Force has been sent to the region to assist local authorities.

    BBC: Rains cause deadly landslides in Petropolis, Brazil

  • DuPont is especially poised to service local market requirements in the region through its four new innovation centers that opened this year in Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and India.

    FORBES: Emerging Markets Lifting DuPont Stock Up To $59

  • Neil McLean of Leeds City Region, a local enterprise partnership, said the improved connectivity would be a "transformational shot in the arm to the economic fortunes of the North".

    BBC: Electrified train lines to cut TransPennine journey times

  • Spain pushed back against European shale with a local vote in the northern region of Cantabria mounted a vote against the practice of hydraulic fracking amid mounting concerns about its environmental impact.

    FORBES: Why is Spain Pushing Back on Shale?

  • In 1963, two centuries after British forces attempted to oust the Acadian French from the region, the local priest in Caraquet asked his parishioners to make some noise to let the world know that Acadians were alive and well.

    BBC: The world��s messiest festivals

  • One group seeking to promote social justice is Beeatoona, a non-governmental organization based in Beirut, working for peace building and better understanding between the many religious and political affiliations in local communities in the Aley region (Lebanon), major witness of civil clashes since the Lebanese war.


  • BerkShares are a form of local currency developed in the Berkshire region of Massachusetts two years ago.

    CNN: Some communities are printing their own currency

  • Declining milk consumption is hitting the country's northern dairy-producing region, so a local liquor storeowner decided to turn some of the surplus milk into beer.

    NPR: It's Milk. It's Beer. It's 'Bilk'

  • South Australia is synonymous with good vino so why not sample the local drops at a hospitable wine region like McLaren Vale, 37 km from Adelaide, and the gateway to the easy-on-the-eye Fleurieu Peninsula.

    BBC: The top places to escape Australia��s major cities

  • Each region has up to six local radio stations and up to six BBC local websites.

    BBC: This is BBC News

  • Additionally, confining your purchases to vendors within a geographic region does not strengthen the local economy.

    FORBES: We buy local produce because it is better, not because it is local

  • Local networks in every country in the region boast larger audiences than the international operators.


  • The sheikh is among a handful of local leaders seeking reconciliation with the Kurdish region's once thriving Christians.

    ECONOMIST: Turkey and religious freedom

  • So I ask citizens across the region to listen closely to local officials and follow their instructions before returning to their homes.

    NPR: Transcript: President Bush At The RNC

  • Traffic jams at the Dartford Crossing between Kent and Essex have held back investment in the region, according to a local MP.

    BBC: Dartford Crossing congestion 'discourages investment'

  • Fighting continues in the region despite the JEM and local government signing a "goodwill and confidence-building" agreement earlier in February, according to the U.N.

    CNN: U.N.: 15,000 flee southern Darfur

  • If CapRock can grab just 5% of the local telephone and data market in the region it has targeted, says Thompson, it will have a billion-dollar business.

    FORBES: Fiber in the sagebrush

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