• Agitar stretches and pulls the code in all directions, mimicking inexperienced users making stupid requests and malicious hackers trying to break it.

    FORBES: Technology

  • So, the party is pulling out its biggest guns -- Bill and Hillary Clinton and Al and Tipper Gore -- to attend a series of events nationwide this year, despite recent questions about the propriety of the president and vice president making explicit requests for funds.

    CNN: Clinton Event Raises $750,000 For Democrats

  • While Mitchell did not identify the researchers making the requests, among the institutions the family could donate Seau's brain to is Boston University's Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy, the research center that found former Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson suffered degenerative damage to his brain because of repeated hits.

    CNN: Junior Seau's death classified as a suicide

  • And will he be making any specific requests of the Crown Prince?

    WHITEHOUSE: White House Press Briefing

  • By making carefully crafted requests, we soon developed a network of friendly congressional staffers who were familiar with the company and willing to answer our calls.

    FORBES: 4 Reasons to Ask for Help

  • Afterwards the authority decided not to grant any similar requests, making this address unique in the United States.

    FORBES: Saks Fifth Avenue -- CEO Upbeat Reflects Exciting Merchandise in Stores

  • EU's main decision-making body, was refusing its requests for documents relating to justice and home affairs.

    ECONOMIST: Jacob Soderman, wrist-tapper general | The

  • The force's Diane Grandidge said Christmas and New Year were "the busiest times of the year for our team, which is why we would urge those making silly prank calls or thoughtless requests to think twice".

    BBC: Marmalade

  • But after making both the newspaper and pillow requests, we received two messages in our Conrad Concierge app mailbox: One flagged an error with our request, and another said our request had been submitted. (We decided to be optimistic.) You can also request to have a text-message confirmation sent to your phone, too.

    WSJ: Test Driving a New Hotel App

  • This resulted in many failed requests to delete accounts because we had not invested sufficiently in making our account deletion process as programatically efficient as it could be.

    FORBES: Blippy Apologizes For Google-Searchable Credit Cards, Announces New Security Plan

  • Police believe he began making inquiries from at least 2010 and was informed that Arnett had previously helped others with such requests and had "experience" with the abduction and sexual abuse of children.

    BBC: Briton Geoffrey Portway admits US plot to kill and eat child

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