• Global revenues from clean tech businesses--including air and water purification, advanced materials, distributed power generation, renewable energy, and process controls, such as sensors to monitor air and water--now surpass 85 billion pounds, according to the Cleantech Venture Network, a for-profit membership group that connects venture and institutional investors with entrepreneurs.


  • In many parts of the world, women are in constant danger because of their membership in this group.

    FORBES: What To Do On International Women's Day

  • It, too, is now a piece of grammar, soliciting the same sense of empathy and group membership that LOL does.

    CNN: LOL isn't funny anymore

  • If other brands of group membership can be strengthened, the traditional ones may diminish, even if they do not disappear completely.

    ECONOMIST: Darwinism

  • And if Russia's lawlessness continues unabated, it should put an end to Russia's chairmanship and, ultimately, to Russian membership in the group itself.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Russia's emerging autocracy

  • The African Union suspended Mali's membership in the group following the coup, and the State Department has warned against travel to the country.

    CNN: U.S. suspends aid to Mali in wake of coup

  • Now, thanks to Mr Connerly, the university is about to start selecting its students on the basis of individual merit, regardless of group membership.

    ECONOMIST: Ward Connerly��s trumpet blast

  • And members of some groups who traditionally circumcise boys or teenagers as a mark of group membership seem equivocal about the idea of outsiders adopting the practice.

    ECONOMIST: The XVIIth International AIDS Conference

  • That suggests their brains were more attuned to clustering by signals that would point immediately to group membership, than by prejudices about which individuals should be forming groups.

    ECONOMIST: The origins of racism

  • Abdellah faces 12 years if convicted of leadership in a terrorist group and Abdullah could get 10 years if convicted of membership in a terrorist group, the document said.

    CNN: 30 accused over Madrid 'bomb plot'

  • There were 22 arrests outside the embassy in Grosvenor Square, in central London, on 2 December last year, 20 of which were on suspicion of membership of banned group Muslims Against Crusades.

    BBC: Terror-related arrests up by 60%

  • So Mr Connerly is helping to prepare a congressional bill that will do for the federal government what Proposition 209 did for California: ban state and local government from discriminating on the basis of membership of a group.

    ECONOMIST: Ward Connerly��s trumpet blast

  • Boukiri is charged with conspiracy to commit a terrorist attack and membership in a terrorist group.

    CNN: 30 accused over Madrid 'bomb plot'

  • They were charged with membership in a terrorist group and possession or storage of explosives.

    CNN: Spain 'al Qaeda cell' may have targeted Gibraltar

  • That is, the status of victimhood is not determined by facts, but by membership in an identity group.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Lara Logan and the media rules

  • Membership of the new group was, he said, "going great guns".

    BBC: David Cameron hints at EU referendum after election

  • His continuing influence was also apparent in his ongoing membership of the Bilderberg group, an elite collection of Western thinkers and powerbrokers who meet annually to discuss global issues.

    BBC: Profile: Kenneth Clarke

  • Othman El Gnaoui, Moroccan, age 32, faces 38, 972 years if convicted of mass murder and attempted mass murder charges, terrorist damage to trains, membership in a terrorist group, supplying explosives and document forgery.

    CNN: Madrid train bombs: The defendants

  • In one, terrorism charges have been dropped against four Algerians accused of trying to blow up a French Christmas market, as membership of a terrorist group was difficult to prove though the men remain on trial for conspiracy to murder.

    ECONOMIST: The enemy within | The

  • Years ago while interning at the Houston Defender, I remember writing an editorial about a Texas ACLU lawyer and member of the NAACP defending a leader of the Ku Klux Klan, who was being ordered to turn over membership rolls of the group.

    CNN: To ban mosque is to subvert Constitution

  • The African Union suspended the CAR's membership after the Seleka rebel group seized power and overran the capital, Bangui.

    BBC: US offers up to $5m for leads on Uganda warlord Kony

  • Jason Hansman, the group's membership director, said the stigma of seeking treatment is even more prevalent among those on active-duty.

    MSN: Panel calls for annual PTSD screening

  • An MoD spokesperson said a review of the group's membership had shown duplication in the area of communications and community consultation.

    BBC: Sub adviser quits over colleague

  • Both he and his older brother Abdelkader were known to the security services because of their membership of a small Salafist group in Toulouse.

    CNN: France asks: Were warnings missed on Toulouse killer?

  • Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs Jeffrey Feltman has been dispatched to Morocco, France and Bahrain to discuss the group's membership and its mandate, AP reports.

    BBC: Syria crisis: Obama condemns onslaught on Homs

  • The next meeting of the working group on Russian membership, in January, will show how far Russia is really prepared to adapt, and how many concessions other countries are ready to make.

    ECONOMIST: Russia and the WTO

  • Mr. Dutschke has been in a feud, mostly online, with Mr. Curtis for at least several years, over a range of subjects, from their musical talents to membership in Mensa, a group for highly intelligent individuals.

    WSJ: Mississippi Man Arrested in Ricin Letter Case

  • The United Nations Convention on Refugees - which defines a refugee as someone with a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion - is 51 years old.

    BBC: EU backs action on illegal migrants

  • According to court testimony and Jack Curtis, Mr. Dutschke has been in a feud, mostly online, with Mr. Curtis for at least several years, over a range of subjects from their musical talents to membership in Mensa, a group for highly intelligent individuals.

    WSJ: New Suspect in Ricin-Letters Case to Appear in Court

  • It is being rumoured that Syriza may soon transform itself into a single party and extend membership to a far left group called Antarsia (which gained 1%) and the Louka Katseli group from Pasok which failed to gain seats, and the Eco-Greens, who polled below 3%.

    BBC: Greece: Trying to understand Syriza

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