• His mother, who for years had had bouts of schizophrenia, was confined to a mental home.

    ECONOMIST: Allen Ginsberg

  • "He thinks that it is invasive and unnecessary for the government to ask about mental disabilities in your home, personal financial information, if you have a toilet and what time you leave for and return from work each day, " says Mr. Poe's spokeswoman, Shaylyn Hynes.

    WSJ: Census Gets Questions on Its Mandatory Queries

  • Some shark species make "mental maps" of their home ranges, allowing them to pin-point destinations up to 50km (30 miles) away, research suggests.

    BBC: Sharks navigate using 'mental maps'

  • Many baseball fans already attach a mental asterisk to Bonds' career home run record or Mark McGwire's single-season home run record.

    FORBES: Baseball Gets An *

  • It also found a link between the mental health of the nondeployed parent at home and the well-being of the child.

    CNN: Study: Military teens have more stress

  • Some of these health services include doctor visits and check-ups, dental and vision care, diabetes prevention and treatment, mental health and substance abuse treatment, and home health care.

    WHITEHOUSE: Our Top Stories

  • The haul from the suspect's home included books two books on mental health "Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's" and "Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Mind of Autistic Savant" and a pistol-shooting guidebook published by the NRA. Investigators also found a New York Times article published Feb. 18, 2008, on a school shooting at Northern Illinois University.

    WSJ: Arsenal Found in Newtown Gunman's Home

  • The private home caters for 21 residents, some with mental health needs as well as other medical conditions.

    BBC: Manchester care home worker held over murder

  • She worked as a rehabilitation assistant at a group home for disabled adults and as a community mental health placement specialist before becoming a school psychologist.


  • Because it has gotten more difficult to separate work from home, "I really need the mental break of vacation, that feeling of, 'I'm out of here, '" Deboo says.

    CNN: All IT workers want is time off

  • Before becoming a school psychologist, she worked as a rehabilitation assistant at a psychiatric facility, at a group home for disabled adults and as a community mental health placement specialist.


  • The council also voted to close Southend Pier on Mondays and Tuesdays over the winter months, review its senior management structure and close Queensway House, home to the South Essex Partnership Trust's mental health and rehabilitation centre.

    BBC: Southend air show falls victim to council cuts

  • The ability to recover quickly: Stress and surprise create a need for the executive athlete to have the strength to recover and resume: this can be conditioned through physical and mental practices that can be performed within the workplace and at home.

    FORBES: Sustainable Change Needs Sustainable Leaders

  • "As the service members return home and as the wars wind down, the mental trauma of war remains and there is an urgent need to make sure every service member receives a psychological evaluation upon returning home, and whenever a service member reaches out for help, the service member needs to receive it immediately, " he said.

    CNN: 325 Army suicides in 2012 a record

  • But the mental pressure has taken its silent toll on those who have returned home and are readjusting back to civilian life.

    FORBES: Operation: Supply Drop: Fighting PTSD And Bolstering Troop Morale, One Video Game Care Package At A Time

  • The researchers followed the results over several years and found the children fared much better in mental and physical development and in social relationships than did children at another home in St.

    FORBES: Adopting a Crusade

  • Harold Philpotts, 47, who had mental health issues, is believed to be responsible for the fire at the family home near Newquay in January 2010.

    BBC: House fire scene

  • Earlier this year Mrs May put the decision on hold, in order that Home Office appointed psychiatrists could conduct an assessment of Mr McKinnon's mental state.

    BBC: Hacker Gary McKinnon will not face UK charges

  • The new results are the first from an ongoing study intended to assess mental health in a representative population sample, balanced for demographics and including people who returned home and those who remain dispersed around the country.

    NPR: Mental Issues Surge, Suicide Rates Flat Post-Katrina

  • The beneficiaries range from the elderly poor with insufficient funds to pay for their nursing home or in-residence care, to those under 65 who suffer various mental or physical long-term disabilities which require extensive care.

    FORBES: Bi-Partisan Entitlement Reduction Efforts Focusing On Deep Cuts To Medicaid

  • In 2010, he was found guilty of two counts of wilfully ill-treating or neglecting a person who lacked mental capacity, but was cleared of eight identical charges linked to named residents at the home after a week-long trial.

    BBC: Abusive psychiatric nurse Howard Griffiths struck off

  • In Monk's last years, he suffered from mental health problems and withdrew from playing jazz altogether by secluding himself in Nica's New Jersey home.

    CNN: The glamorous heiress who devoted her life to jazz

  • The typical killer is emotionally damaged and has developed mental health problems, perhaps exacerbated by being bullied and rejected by peers, or abused and neglected at home.

    CNN: How a boy becomes a killer

  • When soldiers came home from Vietnam, psychiatrists, the military and the Veterans Administration didn't recognize the existence of mental illness caused by exposure to combat trauma.

    NPR: Study Tracks Stress Disorder Among Vietnam Vets

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